Video Number 7

Today The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released it’s seventh video. It is horrifying. At minute six you see a viable fetus, killed. It’s young life is ended.

The latest defense of Planned Parenthood (PP) is to question why the film makers sat on the video so long. Namely from the reflexively defensive of all things progressive, Media Matters for America. It’s been labeled the drip method. Slowly releasing one video at a time. Let me offer some reasoning on this “drip” method.

One, CMP are a small, underfunded group of activist. Like, animal rights activist, but for humans. While PP has chauffeurs stuffed with money to hire high-level crisis management firms like, SKDKnickerbocker. So, they are up against large money and lots of power. The once mighty moral majority of the Reagan years has long since been fractured, so, there is no powerful political machine pushing these YouTube videos. And despite numerous claims of deceptive editing, the edited versions are all released in concert with the full videos. Something, I would wager CMP anticipated that would be attacked first and acted accordingly.

Secondly, it’s possible CMP understood how the media can kill a story. The easiest way around the guardians of information, is to drip the information they would otherwise ignore, if dumped at once. (A tactic the Islamic State uses to staggering success) It’s possible CMP knew they would only get one chance at this. Many have said, including this writer, this chance may never present itself again. In other words, they get one shot at this.

You may not like the drip tactics, but you should be more concerned with what the tactic proves is occurring in this country. It is something that we, as free people of this country, should bear the burden of witnessing. We should not look away. We should not accept it. We should not allow the taxes collected for the common welfare of the people to be used for such abhorrent practices.

This drip will continue and we must endure what’s to come.


Some Kind Of Senator

It’s the biggest thing to hit Missouri since the mule!! A mildly useful genetic freak that can’t breed. 

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill has a new book, Plenty Ladylike. Frankly, this writer doesn’t give a shit about that book. She’s recently done a media blitz with her literary endeavor, which may have backfired on her by possibly exposing some shady campaign ethics. That’s a different matter. She recently came to St. Louis and its public radio. Where the Senator discussed mostly a book, but also maybe the most important foreign policy move in generations. The Iran Deal, as it’s come to be known.

So, let’s go through her points on why is “probably slightly in favor” of the deal. This writer loves her decisiveness too. 

First of all, the man conducting the interview–out of the gate–cites her book to let the audience know she is good friends with Chuck Shumer, an embattled democratic Jewish minority leader in the senate who opposes the deal. To which, she immediately– naturally– jabs at republicans saying:

The republicans insisted we get 60 days to look at the deal. It appeared to me most of them made up their mind in 5 minutes.

That’s one way to put it, another is some of them knew the deal was shady from the get-go. Pray ye that the heavens not fall, should the public have time to review this deal. How dare those republicans want transparency and accountability. She.. is taking her time. Contacting ambassadors of the countries who hold Iran’s money. Those being Turkey, South Korea,  Japan, India and China. “Will they comply with our secondary sanctions?” Valid question. Some won’t. Perhaps Turkey won’t release funds at some determined point. 

The sum of the money she is concerned with is 60 billion dollars.That’s a lot of cash. Except the deal, guarantees 100 billion dollars is freed for Iran, according to none other than NPR. Now 100 is undeniably more than 60, but she says allowing the 100 billion in funds to aid terror in the region is to be able to “put cement down their centrifuges”. Which seems hard to follow through on, seeing how American inspectors are banned.

Let’s skip over the fact that Turkey and Iran aren’t exactly simpatico and S. Korea, India, and Japan are strong allies. What she says of China is alarming.

I have talked to China–it was not good. China was clear that–they don’t intended on not recognizing US imposed sanctions.

This is problematic either way. Either the US defies China (PRC), and inflames the tensions mentioned by Noah Rothman, or allow PRC to openly flaunt distantly funding state sponsored terror by possibly dumping part of 60 million dollars. The situation seems lose-lose. It is a fascinating angle to take for the senator. There is an expected Asian Pivot. What’s to come of it, only few have speculated.



She seems out of step with conventional thinking because 2/3 of people polled don’t agree with how the Iran deal is being handled. She thinks this will diminish the need for military action, when many say it will increase the likelihood of conflict. She asks if the US would have the world united or go it alone. That tells this humble writer she isn’t doing her homework. The fear isn’t America having to fight, it’s Israel not allowing themselves to be threatened with a nuclear bomb. The fear is Israel being set up by this White House. 

To be fair she discussed other things, but they were so close to party talking points, they are hardly worth mentioning. But nothing seemed more urgent than the Iran deal.

What happens with this deal can’t be undone. Snap-back Sanctions are a myth. We don’t live in the region. We aren’t likely to suffer the consequences. Our strong ally Israel, which she doesn’t mention, not once, will bare the full brunt of this slow coming calamity. It seems plenty ladylike to wait and see how the rest of one’s colleagues react and sell a book. Not the lady this writer, this constituent expected. Not at all. But it’s what we get for allowing Akin to occur. Congratulations on your book, senator. 

A Dust Up

Senator Charles Schumer, a democrat from New York and the assumed future senate minority leader, came out against the Iran Deal. His ascension was assumed, that is, until he released that statement. Mike DeBonis puts it rather bluntly.

Long story short: getting the 67 votes to override a veto would require a monumental feat of persuasion under the current circumstances, and getting the 60 necessary to block a filibuster is hardly assured.

David Harsanyi gives the same assessment, with a splash of his usual cynicism.

At this point, Schumer is just trying to have it both ways: standing against the Iran nuclear deal while knowing full well it won’t make any difference.

It’s consider theater. It’s not suppose to really matter–this is happening wether the country likes it or not. Many democratic lawmakers are undecided on their vote, but with threats from the money raising wing of progressive democrats, of “donor strikes”, it’s not difficult to predict how they’ll eventually vote. Who they are attacking is the unsettling part. It’s expected, although not necessarily accepted, for the president to disparage his opposition, as he did by saying anyone who opposed the deal had Common Cause with Iranin hard liners. It’s a ridiculous thing to say, but then again, it’s a ridiculous proposition the president is asking the American people to accept. After 7 years, we’ve become accustomed to the such rhetoric.

What is new is the president questioning the patriotism of those in his own party. The way it’s framed is: Jewish lawmakers choose Israel over America. The tone is unsettling. This was tweeted out by The Hill. It smacks of anti-Semetism hiding behind anti-Zionism. It’s compounded by the freak flags flying under the Donald Trump presidential bid banner. They are openly anti-Semitic. Well, as open as an anonymous internet troll can be, but they make it quite clear how they feel about Jews. These nut jobs, actually have common cause with the hard liners in Iran. 

When you remove ethnicity, partisan politics, and emotion, Israel is the cornerstone of America’s Foriegn Policy. It’s geo-politcal strategic value can’t be quantified. That’s something Republicans like Senator Tom Cotton and Democrats like Shumer understand. They are our ally. Isreal fought for it’s indepence and won becoming it’s own nation state. Recognized, on moral grounds, by President Harry Truman in 1948, although Truman gives credit to his friend and business partner, Edward Jacobsin. It hasn’t always been a blissful relationship, it’s had its problems—as all relationships do— but they’ve never taken over a US embassy and held our diplomats hostage. They don’t chant Death To America on an, almost, daily basis. Israel acts like an ally. 

While most of what is happening in Washington D.C. is considered theater, what will transpire in the region will not be. Lifting the sanctions will allow Iran to have more ability to maneuver and reinforce the efforts of their proxies scattered throughout the region. From Yemen to Syria and most concerning, HAMAS in Gaza. That’s just regular old weaponry–now inject a nuclear bomb into the equation. Not hard to see why Israel doesn’t want to let their most vocal and active enemy get one.  Those supporting the deal call it hyperbole and warmongering. Israelis call that protecting their interests. And us, Americans watching this transpire, call it theater, something I hope we don’t regret. Because this theater is the unraveling of the binds that connect the US to its strongest regional ally, all in the name of one man’s legacy. A man, who will be long gone when the consequences of this deal come to a head. 

That is unless a “monumental feat of persuasion” can be pulled off. Theater isn’t suppose to be predicable, perhaps, we are all in for a surprise.

A Chasm 

The national movement to defund Planned Parenthood has met it’s most trying moment, since releasing 4 videos that show a profit driven motive behind the use and donation of fetal tissue. It was a moment most knew was coming. The debate over tactics and how the public perceives the efforts of those who wish to stop the flood of federal funds to Planned Parenthood; a fight about how to hold the high ground. 

One school of thought seemed cautious about the memification that could undermine the efforts that have produced an oppurtunity that may never come along again. The other, sees showing considerations that would certainly not be extended by the dedicated political left who defends Planned Parenthood relentlessly, as naive. You can read both pieces and decide for yourself. 

What is clear and easily calculated is the reaction from Democrats. Which is to say, they will stonewall questions, deflect, and obfuscate the debate anyway they can.

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill says she doesn’t believe that Ernst’s role will make that much of an impact in the way voters view the Republican Party’s record on women’s health. There may be a woman leading the charge, but McCaskill says that “it’s still mostly men.”

“If I want to reduce abortions,” McCaskill says, “the dumbest thing we can do is cut off access to birth control. That is exactly what the Republicans are trying to do. They are trying to cut off access to birth control. None of this money is going to abortions. The money they are cutting off is not performing abortions. It is preventing abortions so I am trying to figure out how that makes sense.”

Along with that quote and the surprising and rare moment of honesty from Hillary Clinton, it would seem the play book is clear. However, what’s not being calculated—nor can be—are the emotions envolved with such a story. What Robert Tracinksi seemed to being saying is; have class when debating your fellow voters and know your facts. What Leon Wolf seemed to be saying was; the Golden Rule could be an Achille’s Heel. There is merit to both assertions in those simplified terms. One should show respect and be armed with the facts in debating with fellow taxpayers. One should not hold back when scrutinizing politicians and officials who benefit, and ultimately defend the disturbing practices used by Planned Parenthood. Like the weak deflection and defense offered up by Senator McCaskill. She just brushed off her old talking points she scored in 2012 when she ran against Todd Akin. Don’t become mired in that debate. Instead, it would behoove this movement to focus on the issue and not allow obfuscation. Like this piece from Amy Otto, where she writes:

Clearly, there are many legal ways to obtain human tissue now that do not require what is occurring at Planned Parenthood. Does this prescribe some limit on no-holds-barred scientific investigation? Yes, it does. So did limiting the use of prisoners for medical experiments. The reason society regulates research is to prevent morally reprehensible acts.

This is a much better way of framing the debate, it puts the questions to those who defend tax payer dollars going to an organization that has been caught profiting from something that most Americans find reprehensible. She hits industy oversight, ethics, and morality all in one swoop. 

Otto’s piece talks about the actual science and alternatives to gathering human tissue. As for restricting access to birth control, as asserted by McCaskill, nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the people who want Planned Parenthood defunded aslo want birth control to be over the counter. These feeble attempts should be easily swatted down, but it’s difficult to do if the movement is fighting over tactics. Moving forward, emotions can harm this oppurtunity that may never present itself again. It’s best to keep them in check and allow the opposition to wallow in emotional despair over the soiling of their most coveted brand; it’s inflated position as protector of women’s rights. 

This chasm must be mended, the opposition will seek to exploit it. 

The Senator From Missouri

Senator Claire McCaskill spoke about Donald Trump and his marital comments via twitter. He once allegedly said it’s impossible to rape your wife. Which is–fucking stupid from every angle. Your writer can’t stress that enough, you are a gawdamned monster if you think a ring gives the right to violate your spouses body without consent. This isn’t 1257 A.D. Women are not property to be utilized. Did Trump say those things? It’s not really the point, it’s believable that he did. He further torpedoed the GOP. Something that makes Democrats, understandably, giddy.

It would seem inconsequential, except she has 2 sex scandals involving a low level democrat Paul Levota and John Diehl, the former speaker of the house, evolving in her state. To be frank, Diehl’s ordeal was tame compared to our modern scandals. Levota’s exploits are a little more murky, but he ultimately yielded to a Title IX investigation. It’s first scalp, if you’ll forgive the hyperbole. He didn’t want to deal with the whole sordid process.

“Within the first week, however, Hembree said she felt uncomfortable because of after-hours texts from LeVota calling her “perfect and beautiful” and telling her “we are secret friends.” The messages, sent through the Apple iMessage system, were deleted and could not be recovered as part of the UCM investigation.”

So, it ain’t exactly the same. The Democrat has no evidence against him to indict, but the Republican had his boring fling with an intern made public. Is that fair? Who is to say? (This writer doesn’t think so)

Many are comparing McCaskill’s outrage at the allegations against Trump as a husband to her political blitzkrieg against Todd Akin in 2012, with his infamous “legitimate rape”  comments. It gave McCaskill a firm boost and she coasted back to Washington for her second term in the Senate. Trump seems to have opened up the same corridor for the Democrats in late 2015. Not to mention his similarities to Ross Perot in the 1992 election, so thoroughly highlighted by Noah Rothman of Commentary Magazine. He also explains Trumps expanding wake which means he’s only getting more attention.

This is a parlor trick pulled off by children. Quite frankly, I’d love to see Scott Walker or Jeb Bush presented with such nonsense. Even Chris Christie would swat this frivolity down with little effort. But the media will continue to pump Trump for the clicks he is still good for these days. Because when that’s over, a new set of questions will emerge, they won’t be silly and beneath the office sought by the powerful, the questions will be directed at one who was already in a position of power. Real power. Foreign policy power. When these charades end, she, former Senator and Secratary of State Hillary Clinton, will have to give account for her time as America’s lead diplomat. It does not behoove her to allow trivial chatter about sex scandals in the 1980’s to fill the policy platform void. It only impugns her questionable husband. McCaskill once said she wouldn’t want the former president near her daughter. She meant William Jefferson Clinton.

Now, Claire Bear, that’s what Missourians affectionately refer to her round these parts, isn’t wrong for wanting to protect her daughters, but she is wrong for selectively identifying predators. History has brought her to the forefront of what is shaping up to be a very important election. She can be honest about the morality of the Clinton’s, she can speak out against the disgusting practices used by Planned Parenthood, and she can help bring accountability to the Iran Deal. All 3 things that are important to her constituents. Or she can be what every Republican say she is, just carrying water for her party. She said this, which doesn’t give me much hope..

Now, this writer is no lawyer, but it would seem incompetent for any prosecutor to remove due process from citizens and law makers alike. Yet, she seems to think that’s exactly what is needed in American society. Levota said he didn’t want to put his family through the hard times. That does indicate they had something on him, however trivial it may be. It still isn’t due process, no matter how one chooses to frame it.

It is a strange time in Missouri politics. It only seems to be getting more and more strange and peculiar with the highest ranking Democrat taking low-brow shots at a well established clown show, like Donald Trump. One would think that’s beneath her, a sitting United States Senator, but then again, one has plenty to point to the contrary. Just because it was a Democrat who fell to the pressures of Title IX, doesn’t make it right. 

Both partisan camps in the state would do well to reevaluate their culture and practices used by their elected officials in regards to the impressionable interns. As adults, those interns ultimately hold some responsibility for what happened, especially in the case of John Diehl. It didn’t seem forced, it seemed boring and sad. But most affairs are. We may never know with Levota, as most of his proceedings were held in private.

Missouri has a hard row to hoe, as they say in the rural parts of the state. It may get harder before it gets easier. One thing is for sure, it seems in order for Senator McCaskill to get her own state party in order before tackling national spectacles like Donald Trump.