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Truman Chicks: tough girls, who also love their country.


Seriously, do you wanna target a young female demographic? It’s all I know, I’m drowning in it. Not really, not at all–actually staying home with my girls has been the most educational experience of my life. It caused a serious moment of self reflection. (Yes, in a larger, life altering sense, but that’s neither her nor there.) The cause for the pause was not only the sudden influx of 3 more women in my life, but my day to day observations. Those observations caused me to reflect on my behavior, my interactions…how I chose to communicate. What were these day to day observations? Watching little boys and other little girls; obviously in capacity of being the primary caretaker of my 3 daughters. I’m a stay at home dad.
I see the little boys use intimidation and quite frankly–“thuggery” when you get right down to it–to communicate before they can speak phrases. (All boys of all colors, let me clarify on “thuggery”.) Do I see girls do it? Yes, but not at the frequency and at the level it’s displayed on a daily basis, by boys. The fuse is so short and the disregard for the girl is often gleeful, almost triumphant. Obviously not all boys, but a fair number. They show public disrespect tot their mothers, how do you think they’ll treat their wives in 20 years? Those questions plague me.

Truman Chicks

I suppose that’s the title of the picture of my daughter’s knees. Bruised; with a band aid, some busted high heels. She’s catching some shut eye on a 30 minute ride back from St. Louis. Truman had tough choices thrust upon him, I see my daughters generation faced with the same level of tough choices. I want them to be ready. That’s such sanctimonious crap, but it’s true–I want them to improve upon their inheritance. Whatever your opinion that inheritance, it’s what inspired the photo.
That’s how I see my wife– and really a lot of working and military women in America. It’s rough, you have to make sacrifices. My wife has to go on these long trips and we have to be frustrated and inconvenienced with non-functioning FaceTime. (We finally got it to work–but those are first world problems.)
I see the moms who work hard–because let’s face it, a lot of “stay at home dads” out there, which is nothing more than an a millennial euphemism for “unemployed”. I see moms, all ladies really; bruised (emotional and physically, just mixing it up in life) and tired, taking a nap where they can. At times, I feel like ladies come across as feeling strapped into some thing, they can’t control. Maybe that’s why the photo spoke to me. I hope it speaks to ALL the ladies who see it. I hope it brightens your day and helps you get along through your daily grind; no matter how bruised, tired and fabulously battered you may look and feel.

I hope all you ladies see my snapshot and say, ” hell yeah–I’m tried, bruised and I’m missing a bow on my shoe, but I got sh*t to do. So, f*ck it–let’s be a bout our business…”

I hope the hard working ladies found the same inspiration that I did.

It also made me really examine “benevolent sexism”, that’s another post to come. That water is too choppy to navigate unescorted. Research is coming,

The photo above spoke to me…