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So, the stories of 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt, being beheaded broke. It sent shock waves through the world. Not ones that cause for outrageous outrage and shit-sandwich think-pieces, but the kind that of makes everyone be quite.


Noah Rothaman wrote this, now a haunting foreshadowing, on the speed at which a global jihad grows and how the media down plays that very real fact. He gave it scope and scale. I highly recommend reading his analysis.

You young millennials find yourself, in a fight you didn’t start. Your enemy doesn’t care that you don’t care about them, it’s a non sequitur.

This particular atrocity occurred in the very country where then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, had an embassy over ran. It’s in the place where America had it’s first foreign incursion. If you can’t see the symbolism, you’re probably daft.

So what do we do? Hang the President out to dry and totally ruin our foreign policy or act?

I say we act, the president is lame duck. Let him quack. “He needs to stop this”, is what the next presidential Democratic candidate is telling this current administration. And the next likely Democratic candidate is the very former Secretary of State, who mismanaged Libya, to begin with. I can’t imaging she’d want the issue bogging down her campaign. I’m almost positive Mrs. Clinton doesn’t want to inherit this regional clusterfuck. She has enough to worry about with her accepting money from foreign governments and sending insecure emails. That damage control is a handful. 


The Egyptian military plans to hit the militant Islamist in Libya who beheaded Egyptian civilians with airstrikes.

Creating a new buzz phrase “Arab Neocon. Coined by the Middle Eastern consultant and a driving force behind the “Arab Spring Manifesto” in Norway, Iyad El-Baghdadi. 

 These “Arab Neocons” want to institute political, social, and religious reform but without due process – imposed through force and money.-Iyad El-Baghdadi.  

Update: the situation is still pretty bad, new factions are conducting airstrikes in Lybia. 


Frozen–Has to be done… Nasty bit of business, but business nonetheless.

It’s actually a good movie…you should watch it TyBob.

I’ve had to watch repetitive crap, in many forms and phases, but Frozen is good. Especially compared to other stuff.

There’s a lyric in the movie that is not in the radio version. “Rise like the break of dawn”–I’m sorry, but if your job is to motivate young girls, that’s a handy dandy line to have lying around. The reality is, when speaking to a global female audience of the future, one will be able to relay the same message through a familiar melody and the subtextual devices within the story heard by billions of girls all around the world. In numbers of consumption–“Let it Go” is up there with the “greats”, Rogers and Hammerstein…we’re talking huge.

Also, the brand Disney, they’ve been a force in the market on the American female psyche since the Truman administration. Cinderella? Snow White? How often do we hear “knight in shining armor”? Whether in a benevolent context or in a mocking, spiteful tone from bitter women, the “knight” played a role in influenced the psyche of women in our society, at the time.
Maybe it didn’t shape the psyche of women in the best way then, but it seems the film makers of Frozen were aware of that possibility, or at the very least considered the message being received by little girls.

(Photo via Abbey Redford Hizer, altered from original format, Grant Gambling.)

I know you manly, yet ironically well groomed millennial men are dismissive. Just watch the movie and then listen to “Let It Go”, alone in a moment of self reflection and then tell me it doesn’t pick you up or fire you up or whatever “Bro” analogy you choose to use. When you hear the bass line in the breakdown–goose bumps bro, swear to Gawd! You may dismiss it out of ignorance and lack of experience, but it’s in context. You haven’t seen the love that Anna has for her sister, Elsa. It is inspirational….and also useful when motivating multiple girls to get along. (Hash tag: supersisters. I hate hash tags, but they sort your sh*t for you, they really do…)
That’s the mantra around here, “super sisters”. Shape up, fellas. Get with the times. This will be good for you. I promise.

I was recently engaged in a distracted, hurried–yet interesting conversation with a friend. I wrote in reply to a rushed and interrupted back and forth exchange:

“Meh…we’re all learning as we go. We will meet up, I’m about to head to the park and let my daughters run in circles and play ‘Frozen’-which involves a lot of swooshing and spinning, apparently–it’s apart of the job.”
My friend replied, “You’re a killer dad.”
Another message, “Not like serial.”

It felt awkward–dudes talking about little girls, juxtaposed to the Bro Talk going on.

That’s what I hope to accomplish with this skill building exercise, today. Here are two good guys that have never seen the film. They have no frame of reference on what kind of impact a film like this can have on a little girl. Or the experience had from different points of view while watching the movie. The little girl who wants to be Elsa, the mom who is emotionally stirred by seeing her girl emulate such a powerful and dynamic character, or the father that can get behind the fact that super sisters can do anything.

I also want to say to the Bros -I get why you wouldn’t want to watch the film.
Most common reason I hear is “it’s for girls”, which is cool, but you might have a girl someday and–quite frankly, it’s not a bad idea to watch it if you actually want a shot at making a new human with an adult girl.

To the bros, don’t be so confrontational to the homosexual community who also admire and connect with this film. Build bridges, don’t burn them.

I respect the position of the Bros who push back against a well coordinated media blitz that came from the homosexual community but it is a quality blitz fellas. Remember that before you indict a life style, respect the talent. By all means, have at it and bash it Bros, but watch it. Don’t be The Dick the kind who would talk sh*t about an article–and turns out they never even read it. Don’t be that guy.

Finally, to the media, to the industry, to the machine…there’s a reason we need that female demographic in the future. The ladies have proven to be vital in making this nation and this world what it is today. It’s a fact, they’re here to stay. So–not to have bravado, but Bros, if your aim is to target this demo, whether to exploit it, or undermine it–I will chatter back. I will speak up. I will be on the record.

They have the right to target market in those young girls. But I have the right to call it out when I see it. Free speech isn’t a simple two-way street. It’s more like an eight lane interstate.

(This photo is also an original, of the back of my daughter Ruby’s head. Multiple times The Daily Show has used the name “Ruby” in one of their bits. It’s weird. Coincidence, I suppose. Mr. Stewart just happened to be on the screen when I snapped the pick. Actually, she stopped crying when he can on screen. True story. Troll Instagram.)

Finally, you the reader, may have sensed some hostility towards the end.

That’s two fold:
1) I feel like my own masculinity is challenged by my attempt to connect with my daughters. (I know, my choice and all that jazz–but some dudes are just “That Dick” about these types of things.

2) This is definitely a personal observation at a single guy (TyBob) who loves my daughters dearly, but was somewhat awkward when invited to watch with little girls who wanted to tell him the story along with the movie. They wanted to help him discover.
I don’t blame him, he probably gets a steady stream of generic “Frozen’s gay..huh-huh-huh” chatter from his faux alpha male cohorts.

Those types are the basis for the hostile tone of my commentary.
Those Bros don’t get a pass. I come at them–straight on. Because attitudes like that are created out of ignorance and insecurities. It does nothing but undermine the confidence that is reinforced in this film, for little girls. You all need this experience of watching a film and placing yourself in their high heels for just a moment, you will be better for it. I was.

I feel like I have perspective here…

That’s my obligatory Frozen commentary.