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A Letter. 

So, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas sent a clear message to the region that is in flux. Some have framed it as a shot across the bow. I tend to fine myself in that camp. I feel he stood up for American constitutional sovereignty.  He sent it in Farsi as well, to not lose anything in translation. Some call it undermining the president. I do not agree with those people. I remember things like Democrats doing the same things sans transparency. So, I’m not impressed by the the attacks on Cotton’s patriotism. 

The region as Noah Rothman wrote, is “in flux”. Paradigms are shifting–this is a push back against a theocracy. Things are “changing fundamentally”, and that can be good, but you’re absolutely bonkers if you think American sovereignty will fundamentally change, from anything other than this Union of States. This federal patchwork that we call America. 

This isn’t an open invitation to fight, this is a firm position. Cotton realizes the shift in military force, not the blunt instrument it once was, but something more of precision and braided innovation and execution of missions. 

Knowing nothing about military Special Operation Forces (SOF), Obama kinda let the troops develop their own methods. The guys who fought in the region, are innovating ways of combating a global jihadis threat. At the same time, diplomacy is key. We have to cultivate relationships from our realistic position of a global stabilizer. Otherwise, why stablize the global flow of commerce? This is not a bunch of military of bullies, but ones who want to maintain the peace. We have no other choice, but to have some faith in Susan Rice. It’s that simple…

It was called a stunt. Cotton was called a traitor with the other 47 members of congress who signed it. You can google the hash tag “47 Traitors”. If it was a stunt why did the Iranians immediately respond? Simple question…

Not a question that has been answered to my liking. People who claim to be in the know, had know idea an Iranian deal was being made via presidential executive order. But they could tell you all about Netenyahu’s speech. 

That’s my friend, he usually is in the know, but he missed this blatant piece of propaganda. What I cropped out, was the phrase “God is indeed great.”

Now, I only care because it seems to have been Mr. Payne’s job to attack Christians in this state, our state—Missouri. I mentioned this in a previous post. Which is his right to attack the faith of his community, but it’s my right to say he is bigoted unevenly against religion. Tis the nature of coming up in the aggressive LBGT community of south St. Louis, I s’pose…

Anywho, I’m sure he is well aware of the Iranian deal now. If he isn’t, he doesn’t want to.  

Update: You can read why Cotton wrote the letter in his own words.


Throwing A Flag

So you tweet. But to whom, should be ones first question. Context is key.

Then there’s the matter of who you follow and who follows you. I’m sure there’s a multitude of apps that can track that nonsense. However, that’s after the fact. To understand it you have to understand the process of shaping the narrative. But also, understand a newly vertically integrated media and how to plant the seeds of that narrative. Seeds, if you’ll follow this writer’s logic for a moment, that are planted on both sides. The media has turned social media, namely twitter into a tool, to create news. It can ignore real news, by focusing on the narrative they have created.

This formula is played out perfectly in Missouri. Some former prosecutor decided to throw her hat in the ring nearly 2 years ahead of the election. She raised staggering amounts of money early, for a gubernatorial race. She was hit with the force of a Media Mack Truck. In lockstep, by the Left leaning Missouri media, who had turned on the women. They stuck out their chest. They had taken back feminism for women.

This is so good. // Catherine Hanaway channels her inner Todd Akin. How sad. : News… @tonymess 8:25pm – 4 Feb 15

-Jeff Smith

This is to remind us of rape culture. A gaffe, from 2012. This is the New School. It was like clock work with that knee-jerk Akin reference.


@tonymess This isn’t a prelude to some kind of BS copyright enforcement action by the P-D, I hope. 10:06pm – 4 Feb 15

-Jeff Mazur

We’ll see…

This is the original. What’s with the cigar? And the Akin reference? That’s where I throw this flag.


@jmaz no way! Keep this one. 10:10pm – 4 Feb 15

-Tony Messenger

Hanaway, got hit hard by the left–that’s not my problem. It’s her fault for not combating this on social media. However, I’ve had it up to my gawdamned eyeballs with this hypocrisy and false narratives. They hammer a local women and ignore open slaughter and sale of women globally. Why? Maybe it helps the White House–I don’t fucking know. Is this thinking globally, acting locally?

Why would they miss this brutality if they were so dedicated to fighting a global war on women?

Maybe because of their funding? I dunno.

It was an issue brought up poorly by Tim Jones.

Listen up #moleg press corps deadbeats: your new assignment editor @SpeakerTimJones wants you on the ISIS beat ASAP.


He was pointing to your pathetic inconsistencies. You have none of my respect, @ JMaz. I’m not paid to defend anyone, but I will speak up for women being turned into property. While you attack some one who has actually stopped sexual predators, great fucking job. I’m sure sex slaves in Northern Nigeria and Syria are impressed, with your fight against the war on women.



I was asked recently what I did. My short answer was

I don’t do anything

I stay at home with my three daughters. I’ll explain more. This is my meager platform. You’ll get conext.

My photo.


That is my buckeye. It was given to me by my wife’s grandfather. It means something to me.

It Was A Friggin’ Miracle…

I wrote a small piece about a t-shirt I saw in the days after the Ferguson riots. In a response from a close friend, I was given links to the Cato Institue , on the likelihood of being killed by Law enforcement, rather than by radical jihadis. It’s true, statistically speaking, one is more likely to die at the hands of the law enforcement officers (LEO) in Southeast Missouri-or anywhere in America, than at the hands of The Islamic State (IS). Ignoring the grammatical errors on the shirt, it still seems as preposterous now, as it ever did. Although, my friend still gave some validity to the content conveyed on the shirt. A debate ensued…

(Photo via Red Flag News)

Something arose form this exchange of ideas, something I didn’t expect–something not seen for quite some time–a cogent and thoughtful dialogue between two individuals who disagreed on something, but both had the same fundamental moral compass. The basics: don’t kill, don’t rape, don’t steal, don’t sell human beings, and a mutual acknowledgement of our governing federal document, the antiquated, but functional, Constitution. This dialogue occurred with an old friend. Which was weird, because post-Ferguson and the ugliness it exposed in people, caused the social media lines of communication to all but cease to buzz. No one wanted to talk, life-long friends were at odds over opinions on Ferguson. Mr. Hizer, as he’s known to those of us who love him. Made some great points and was diligent to stay on the larger topic of militarization of law enforcement, and acknowledged my concerns with misinformation having dangerous social ramifications down the road. The topic was a ridiculous message on the afore mentioned t-shirt. I still firmly believe you do not want to be stopped by ISIS. They won’t just violate your constitutional rights–which sharia legalist don’t recognize at all–they could very well violate your right to have your head remain attached to your body. Sad, but true.

I wrote this after reading the Cato Institute piece:

I am aware of that–if you live in the country with those maniacs(IS)–you’re far more likely to die period.
It is preposterous to say American LEO shoots people of color in the street for sport–in the back–which I saw a multitude of our close, educated friends, post as “info”, in the early days of the Brown story. Which, is understandable given the emotions evoked by the event.
I’m of the nuanced view that LEO is scared and that’s truly dangerous–we can’t have a fearful police force. You get overreactions and thinly held together justifications of militarization of police forces.
That has to be checked by our larger legislative body–they control the allocations. The one thing LEO responds too, is having their funding cut.
[In the past] they’ve reacted with calculated apathy–that is to say they don’t police and crime rises, but I don’t see it playing out that way this time. I see the [US] senate hearings as a changing point in how LEO operates.
At the same time, once LEO makes those concessions–they’ll [feel] more justified in their policing. Especially, given that a trend to put body cameras on all police, has gained traction. Business is booming in the tech industry, but I cynically digress.
This street goes two-ways: why was LEO so afraid going down to control Ferguson? Because they were seeing literally, hundreds of thousands of strangers talking about killing cops on site. I showed you a few. I have many screen shots. That is harder to “control”. You can’t start arresting people based on a Facebook post, but when the person is holding an automatic weapon saying “come get this shit pigs”. How does LEO react? I mean–fear in this case is rational.

I also asked him what kind of message was that shirt sending? How would a ten year-old see that shirt? Having no way to comprehend the horrors perpetrated by ISIS, what ten year-old could the make the comparison? It probably wouldn’t be an issue, if Americans hadn’t started to join ISIS and fighting for jihad. There is a dangerous trend and that poorly written t-shirt doesn’t help matters. It should be pointing out to any would be jihadis out there, you won’t be killing Americans in Syria and Iraq, you’ll be killing other Muslims. Don’t do it.

To Mr. Hizer’s credit he answered with this quote below.

On the shirt guy:
I understand and even agree, but… If you live in southeast Missouri, you are much, much, much more likely to have an altercation with law enforcement than with a terrorist.
You do that 10 year old no service to fill his head with a fear of a monster from far away while we ignore the monster in your pocket.
I’m just saying that he should be aware of the threats he will face, and ISIS is a threat he is not likely to face.
I don’t agree with the way he’s made his point, but he does indeed have one.

Indeed, the man wearing the shirt does have a point. No–you have about a zero percent chance of meeting ISIS in Southeast Missouri, at this point. Poor people–of all colors–have a much higher statistical likelihood of being harmed or killed by US LEO.

I can’t stop ISIS, I can only report on what I read in the media and from first hand accounts about their activities. I have a much better chance of reversing trends in LEO and helping build community relations in my state. I think that’s brought about through more personal community engagements and connections and less armored cars and, to quote Matt Welch of Reason Magazine, less “fucking flash bangs grenades”. Those have a time and place. A babies crib, is undisputedly neither the time, nor the place for that incendiary device. Unfortunately another case like Michael Brown’s is bound to happen. I still believe police should be armed and I believe in our flawed due process. We all agree this needs to be addressed and honestly, I think each different approaches to this are necessary, in their own right. They all also have flaws–my own approach included–that’s where collaboration and cooperation are key.

Collaborating with people you may not agree with will help both sides address the flaws in their messaging and thinking. However, collaborating on something’s is impossible without a base set of agreed upon ideas, something usually found between most Americans, if people choose to look hard enough.

Mr. Hizer has legendary skills of compassion, cooperation, and collaboration with the right kind of people. He’s a great example of those choosing to move forward past the night of August 9th, 2014.

Wow.. Nudes.

Let me be perfectly clear, I do not give a crap about distracting nonsensical static. Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence had some less than flattering photos of her made public. Logically, if one wants to find gossip based smut, they check Perez Hilton’s website. I think he still has the photos up. The only value to this story is a lesson for young girls: don’t take nudes on digital devices, they can be leaked. Other than that, it’s a conspicuously out of place story amid swirling world events. It shouldn’t be trending. But it is…


Here’s some logic on the subject.

@Matthops82: Nudes can’t be leaked if you aren’t taking them. #CaptObvious

What else can I tell my daughters about this? Don’t do it. This is a possibility. Some people don’t care about rules or decency.