A product of the Ozark’s, a place like no other. Recovering from the dependency of lying to myself. Growing as a father and husband, they are my skin in this game of life. My only credentials are the beautiful ladies who love me, despite all the evidence of flaws I embody.
I’m going to write about what I see, and I’ll use Occam’s Razor to deduce the truth from what I’m told. I am Cardinal fan by birth, but defer to the Gospels, by choice.
You’ll most likely be subject to an abundance cinematic references and the occasional Modest Mouse lyric. These writings and ramblings are my attempt to gain a shred of credibility outside my front door. And maybe, just maybe, make you, the reader, laugh in the process. Also, money would be nice, if I could make money applying my perspective to your cause–contact me.
Be blessed and rest.


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