Mizzou’s Risky Media Strategy

Why would students at Mizzou or their supporters be a vocally angry about the media coverage and outpouring of worldwide support for the victims of the deadly attacks in Paris? Selfishness, ignorance, and just plain stupidity are all plausible explanations. They are college kids after all. 

Another, more cynical conclusion, is that it gives an indifferent public cause to attack protestors on social media platforms. This would give protestors and their allies more examples of “institutional racism”. It’s a risky strategy that is likely to backfire on an already tarnished movement. One whose credibility was severely damaged when the student body president for Mizzou claimed that the Klu Klux Klan had invaded the campus in Columbia, Missouri. Telling other students to avoid windows and stay inside. None of which was true and showed the same pension to imbelish the narrative that was seen at the protests in Ferguson. 

They will likely have examples of people lashing out with racial slurs at their callously selfish observations and failed moral equivalencies of the Mizzou protests and the act of war inflicted upon Paris. But provoking, or “trolling”, to get those responses in the manner that they did, will likely be far more harmful to their movement and Mizzou’s over all brand, than any sympathy gained from pointing out racist replies to their selfishness. 
**This writer will not be linking any sources or examples of the attention seeking tactics used by protestors and their allies. That is precisely what they want out their sophomoric stunt.


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