Video Number 7

Today The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released it’s seventh video. It is horrifying. At minute six you see a viable fetus, killed. It’s young life is ended.

The latest defense of Planned Parenthood (PP) is to question why the film makers sat on the video so long. Namely from the reflexively defensive of all things progressive, Media Matters for America. It’s been labeled the drip method. Slowly releasing one video at a time. Let me offer some reasoning on this “drip” method.

One, CMP are a small, underfunded group of activist. Like, animal rights activist, but for humans. While PP has chauffeurs stuffed with money to hire high-level crisis management firms like, SKDKnickerbocker. So, they are up against large money and lots of power. The once mighty moral majority of the Reagan years has long since been fractured, so, there is no powerful political machine pushing these YouTube videos. And despite numerous claims of deceptive editing, the edited versions are all released in concert with the full videos. Something, I would wager CMP anticipated that would be attacked first and acted accordingly.

Secondly, it’s possible CMP understood how the media can kill a story. The easiest way around the guardians of information, is to drip the information they would otherwise ignore, if dumped at once. (A tactic the Islamic State uses to staggering success) It’s possible CMP knew they would only get one chance at this. Many have said, including this writer, this chance may never present itself again. In other words, they get one shot at this.

You may not like the drip tactics, but you should be more concerned with what the tactic proves is occurring in this country. It is something that we, as free people of this country, should bear the burden of witnessing. We should not look away. We should not accept it. We should not allow the taxes collected for the common welfare of the people to be used for such abhorrent practices.

This drip will continue and we must endure what’s to come.


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