Some Kind Of Senator

It’s the biggest thing to hit Missouri since the mule!! A mildly useful genetic freak that can’t breed. 

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill has a new book, Plenty Ladylike. Frankly, this writer doesn’t give a shit about that book. She’s recently done a media blitz with her literary endeavor, which may have backfired on her by possibly exposing some shady campaign ethics. That’s a different matter. She recently came to St. Louis and its public radio. Where the Senator discussed mostly a book, but also maybe the most important foreign policy move in generations. The Iran Deal, as it’s come to be known.

So, let’s go through her points on why is “probably slightly in favor” of the deal. This writer loves her decisiveness too. 

First of all, the man conducting the interview–out of the gate–cites her book to let the audience know she is good friends with Chuck Shumer, an embattled democratic Jewish minority leader in the senate who opposes the deal. To which, she immediately– naturally– jabs at republicans saying:

The republicans insisted we get 60 days to look at the deal. It appeared to me most of them made up their mind in 5 minutes.

That’s one way to put it, another is some of them knew the deal was shady from the get-go. Pray ye that the heavens not fall, should the public have time to review this deal. How dare those republicans want transparency and accountability. She.. is taking her time. Contacting ambassadors of the countries who hold Iran’s money. Those being Turkey, South Korea,  Japan, India and China. “Will they comply with our secondary sanctions?” Valid question. Some won’t. Perhaps Turkey won’t release funds at some determined point. 

The sum of the money she is concerned with is 60 billion dollars.That’s a lot of cash. Except the deal, guarantees 100 billion dollars is freed for Iran, according to none other than NPR. Now 100 is undeniably more than 60, but she says allowing the 100 billion in funds to aid terror in the region is to be able to “put cement down their centrifuges”. Which seems hard to follow through on, seeing how American inspectors are banned.

Let’s skip over the fact that Turkey and Iran aren’t exactly simpatico and S. Korea, India, and Japan are strong allies. What she says of China is alarming.

I have talked to China–it was not good. China was clear that–they don’t intended on not recognizing US imposed sanctions.

This is problematic either way. Either the US defies China (PRC), and inflames the tensions mentioned by Noah Rothman, or allow PRC to openly flaunt distantly funding state sponsored terror by possibly dumping part of 60 million dollars. The situation seems lose-lose. It is a fascinating angle to take for the senator. There is an expected Asian Pivot. What’s to come of it, only few have speculated.



She seems out of step with conventional thinking because 2/3 of people polled don’t agree with how the Iran deal is being handled. She thinks this will diminish the need for military action, when many say it will increase the likelihood of conflict. She asks if the US would have the world united or go it alone. That tells this humble writer she isn’t doing her homework. The fear isn’t America having to fight, it’s Israel not allowing themselves to be threatened with a nuclear bomb. The fear is Israel being set up by this White House. 

To be fair she discussed other things, but they were so close to party talking points, they are hardly worth mentioning. But nothing seemed more urgent than the Iran deal.

What happens with this deal can’t be undone. Snap-back Sanctions are a myth. We don’t live in the region. We aren’t likely to suffer the consequences. Our strong ally Israel, which she doesn’t mention, not once, will bare the full brunt of this slow coming calamity. It seems plenty ladylike to wait and see how the rest of one’s colleagues react and sell a book. Not the lady this writer, this constituent expected. Not at all. But it’s what we get for allowing Akin to occur. Congratulations on your book, senator. 


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