So, This Video

A video surfaced, it was of Planned Parenthood’s, high level, Dr. Deborah Nucatola. This was the best they could muster. An article from a well renowned radical feminist. I mean—she’s known in her world. From Slate, an online publication.

image   Then they tweeted that meme by Planned Parenthood, themselves.

I had people say, verbatim, “Clearly Edited”, it was a vapid, hollow defense in social media terms and that’s where the new battlefield of ideas exist. It was tiresomely predictable. This was illegal. Watch the video. I actually had people say to me, Clearly Edited, as a defense. It is not edited at a all. It is the tip of an iceberg.

This is an unfortunate blow to any of the organization’s good work, it no longer out weighs the bad. The defense is despicable, to begin with–Cecile Richards should have welcomed oversight. Her knee-jerk reaction is going to hurt her and the women she claims to advocate for , in he long run.

The Republicans didn’t do this to Planned Parenthood (PP), PP did it to themselves; by losing a moral center and failing to understand boundaries of human decency. The Video is no different than animal rights activists that go undercover to expose illegal practices in the food processing industry. The documentation is legit. It documents illegal practices in a differnt industry. One that was never designed to turn a profit. 

It is a new social low, I hope it doesn’t last long and this organization rebrands, with heavy oversight on the industry side. Does that make me an extremist? Yes, it makes me extremely human.

I apologize for nothing. This tissue racket is wrong. What else can you it call after that video? Here’s the unedited version for the cynics.

This is going to get bigger and it will have ramifications. Stonewall if you so chose, but it is foolhardy.


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