What’s The Deal

Today, in Vienna the international community continued to hash out a nuclear deal with the Iranian regime. Lots of hot takes came steaming down the troth. It was the usual social media flood of partisan gum-flapping. Both sides firmly entrenched in their respective ideological camps. In one of those camps was Voxdotcom’s Max Fischer, their national security expert. Mr. Fischer compared the nuclear deal struck with the now deposed, and very much dead, Libyan dictator, Mummar Gaddafi, to the current closed off dealings with Tehran. They aren’t really comparable at all.

One shouldn’t call him stupid, but merely desperate to prop up his own ideological leanings. You can see how he goes about asserting his position on the link to his Twitter account above. It’s a pattern the public has come to expect from the website he works for, Vox. I wouldn’t call it a news website per se, but more a public relation arm for the progressive Washington DC elites, and people who like to think, that they think like the afore-mentioned elites. A more cynical writer might call it propaganda, many have said as much. I prefer to quote a more measured thinker, Noah Rothman, who said “these are not serious people, in serious times.”

And so, the negotiations go on for another day and progressive media figures vigorously defend the White House’s desperation to get a deal done, while those in the political opposition doggedly attempt to prevent any deal from going down. There are deadlines set, but no clear end to this stand-off, that will clearly have global ramifications for decades to come. What those ramifications will be are the fodder and theories, for fools and experts alike.


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