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The Senator From Missouri

Senator Claire McCaskill spoke about Donald Trump and his marital comments via twitter. He once allegedly said it’s impossible to rape your wife. Which is–fucking stupid from every angle. Your writer can’t stress that enough, you are a gawdamned monster if you think a ring gives the right to violate your spouses body without consent. This isn’t 1257 A.D. Women are not property to be utilized. Did Trump say those things? It’s not really the point, it’s believable that he did. He further torpedoed the GOP. Something that makes Democrats, understandably, giddy.

It would seem inconsequential, except she has 2 sex scandals involving a low level democrat Paul Levota and John Diehl, the former speaker of the house, evolving in her state. To be frank, Diehl’s ordeal was tame compared to our modern scandals. Levota’s exploits are a little more murky, but he ultimately yielded to a Title IX investigation. It’s first scalp, if you’ll forgive the hyperbole. He didn’t want to deal with the whole sordid process.

“Within the first week, however, Hembree said she felt uncomfortable because of after-hours texts from LeVota calling her “perfect and beautiful” and telling her “we are secret friends.” The messages, sent through the Apple iMessage system, were deleted and could not be recovered as part of the UCM investigation.”

So, it ain’t exactly the same. The Democrat has no evidence against him to indict, but the Republican had his boring fling with an intern made public. Is that fair? Who is to say? (This writer doesn’t think so)

Many are comparing McCaskill’s outrage at the allegations against Trump as a husband to her political blitzkrieg against Todd Akin in 2012, with his infamous “legitimate rape”  comments. It gave McCaskill a firm boost and she coasted back to Washington for her second term in the Senate. Trump seems to have opened up the same corridor for the Democrats in late 2015. Not to mention his similarities to Ross Perot in the 1992 election, so thoroughly highlighted by Noah Rothman of Commentary Magazine. He also explains Trumps expanding wake which means he’s only getting more attention.

This is a parlor trick pulled off by children. Quite frankly, I’d love to see Scott Walker or Jeb Bush presented with such nonsense. Even Chris Christie would swat this frivolity down with little effort. But the media will continue to pump Trump for the clicks he is still good for these days. Because when that’s over, a new set of questions will emerge, they won’t be silly and beneath the office sought by the powerful, the questions will be directed at one who was already in a position of power. Real power. Foreign policy power. When these charades end, she, former Senator and Secratary of State Hillary Clinton, will have to give account for her time as America’s lead diplomat. It does not behoove her to allow trivial chatter about sex scandals in the 1980’s to fill the policy platform void. It only impugns her questionable husband. McCaskill once said she wouldn’t want the former president near her daughter. She meant William Jefferson Clinton.

Now, Claire Bear, that’s what Missourians affectionately refer to her round these parts, isn’t wrong for wanting to protect her daughters, but she is wrong for selectively identifying predators. History has brought her to the forefront of what is shaping up to be a very important election. She can be honest about the morality of the Clinton’s, she can speak out against the disgusting practices used by Planned Parenthood, and she can help bring accountability to the Iran Deal. All 3 things that are important to her constituents. Or she can be what every Republican say she is, just carrying water for her party. She said this, which doesn’t give me much hope..

Now, this writer is no lawyer, but it would seem incompetent for any prosecutor to remove due process from citizens and law makers alike. Yet, she seems to think that’s exactly what is needed in American society. Levota said he didn’t want to put his family through the hard times. That does indicate they had something on him, however trivial it may be. It still isn’t due process, no matter how one chooses to frame it.

It is a strange time in Missouri politics. It only seems to be getting more and more strange and peculiar with the highest ranking Democrat taking low-brow shots at a well established clown show, like Donald Trump. One would think that’s beneath her, a sitting United States Senator, but then again, one has plenty to point to the contrary. Just because it was a Democrat who fell to the pressures of Title IX, doesn’t make it right. 

Both partisan camps in the state would do well to reevaluate their culture and practices used by their elected officials in regards to the impressionable interns. As adults, those interns ultimately hold some responsibility for what happened, especially in the case of John Diehl. It didn’t seem forced, it seemed boring and sad. But most affairs are. We may never know with Levota, as most of his proceedings were held in private.

Missouri has a hard row to hoe, as they say in the rural parts of the state. It may get harder before it gets easier. One thing is for sure, it seems in order for Senator McCaskill to get her own state party in order before tackling national spectacles like Donald Trump.


So, This Video

A video surfaced, it was of Planned Parenthood’s, high level, Dr. Deborah Nucatola. This was the best they could muster. An article from a well renowned radical feminist. I mean—she’s known in her world. From Slate, an online publication.

image   Then they tweeted that meme by Planned Parenthood, themselves.

I had people say, verbatim, “Clearly Edited”, it was a vapid, hollow defense in social media terms and that’s where the new battlefield of ideas exist. It was tiresomely predictable. This was illegal. Watch the video. I actually had people say to me, Clearly Edited, as a defense. It is not edited at a all. It is the tip of an iceberg.

This is an unfortunate blow to any of the organization’s good work, it no longer out weighs the bad. The defense is despicable, to begin with–Cecile Richards should have welcomed oversight. Her knee-jerk reaction is going to hurt her and the women she claims to advocate for , in he long run.

The Republicans didn’t do this to Planned Parenthood (PP), PP did it to themselves; by losing a moral center and failing to understand boundaries of human decency. The Video is no different than animal rights activists that go undercover to expose illegal practices in the food processing industry. The documentation is legit. It documents illegal practices in a differnt industry. One that was never designed to turn a profit. 

It is a new social low, I hope it doesn’t last long and this organization rebrands, with heavy oversight on the industry side. Does that make me an extremist? Yes, it makes me extremely human.

I apologize for nothing. This tissue racket is wrong. What else can you it call after that video? Here’s the unedited version for the cynics.

This is going to get bigger and it will have ramifications. Stonewall if you so chose, but it is foolhardy.

What’s The Deal

Today, in Vienna the international community continued to hash out a nuclear deal with the Iranian regime. Lots of hot takes came steaming down the troth. It was the usual social media flood of partisan gum-flapping. Both sides firmly entrenched in their respective ideological camps. In one of those camps was Voxdotcom’s Max Fischer, their national security expert. Mr. Fischer compared the nuclear deal struck with the now deposed, and very much dead, Libyan dictator, Mummar Gaddafi, to the current closed off dealings with Tehran. They aren’t really comparable at all.

One shouldn’t call him stupid, but merely desperate to prop up his own ideological leanings. You can see how he goes about asserting his position on the link to his Twitter account above. It’s a pattern the public has come to expect from the website he works for, Vox. I wouldn’t call it a news website per se, but more a public relation arm for the progressive Washington DC elites, and people who like to think, that they think like the afore-mentioned elites. A more cynical writer might call it propaganda, many have said as much. I prefer to quote a more measured thinker, Noah Rothman, who said “these are not serious people, in serious times.”

And so, the negotiations go on for another day and progressive media figures vigorously defend the White House’s desperation to get a deal done, while those in the political opposition doggedly attempt to prevent any deal from going down. There are deadlines set, but no clear end to this stand-off, that will clearly have global ramifications for decades to come. What those ramifications will be are the fodder and theories, for fools and experts alike.