Some Tweets

I recently was given words of encouragement hash tag: humble brag .  So, let’s get to it. 

My Senator, Claire McCaskill made a deceleration of the most moral stature. 

@clairemc: Ok, I’m done Game of Thrones.Water Garden, stupid.Gratuitous rape scene disgusting and unacceptable.It was a rocky ride that just ended.

It’s an odd thing to say, the show is saturated with barbarism, by all accounts. War lording incestuous royals don’t do it for me, I guess I’m odd. However, her subtle commentary did not go unnoticed. She had obviously watched the show. As she follows up here. 

@clairemc: Ok,winter is definitely coming.I just expressed an opinion.Cumulative effect violence & brutality took its toll. Sansa rape last straw. 

It’s absolutely a veiled commentary on the larger sexual assault debate brewing on campuses across the country. Quietly, it’s in her state. Title IX… We will get back to that momentarily. She squeezes this little number in between those two tweets. Natsec, short for national security, is what she wants us to discuss, not her opinion on a show she paid to watch. Not the ridiculousness of her acting as if this was shown on federally regulated networks. No, her concerns with national security. 

@clairemc: We should take up House passed(338-88) USA Freedom Act this week. Important reform of program for national security.

She seems to be juggling.. And this gem

@clairemc: Kinda depressing that so many more people have opinions about  than reform of US intelligence gathering that I also tweeted about ystrdy

Yes, I suppose it is depressing. This comes hour befor Rand Paul’s “stand”. Not a filibuster, but more a rant. So saith the twitter. The reader can search it. It also came around the same time as this story out of The Joplin Globe. A far flung publication in flyover country, with a New York Times contributor writing for it. In it, it talks about another sexual scandal in Jefferson City, et la John Diehl

@Eyokley: Will update w/ Levota statement just got: “I understand the need for universities to look into rumors, even unsubstantiated rumors.” 

Paul Levota, made that statement. I can’t think of a dumber thing to say.. If it is unsubstantiated, than it’s un-fucking-substaintiated. It can’t be supported. It smacks of the vapid hands up, don’t shoot narrative, a democratic dolt falling on the sword in the name of progress. It gives McCaskill an example from her own party to hang on the cross of public crucifixion. Except, he will probably come out unscathed. 

The kicker is the injection of Title IX into an investigation of an elected official. The progressive rot has spread, to steal a phrase from Buchman Sexton, from the campus on to the state capital. 

The most disgusting part is she tried to backdoor a national agenda, that makes her state’s students — and now politicians– lab rats. The tweet, was just a tweet, it’s what she’s fostering on Missouri’s college campuses that should raise eyebrows. This is what George Will speaks out about, over a year ago, it’s what made Noah Rothman clearly declare this was the line to be drawn. It’s a complicated web of federal authority, but isn’t it always? Perhaps these 2 sharp minds saw something coming, that most of the media didn’t, despite, telling the world her intentions. It took a tweet to make more people notice. 

This fight will grow.. Hide and watch. 


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