Lackey’s Polite Silence

Tragedy befell St. Louis, two-fold tonight. The first, the Cardinals lost a long extra inning game to the villainous New York Metroplitans 2-1, on a close play at the plate on a ground ball in the infield, in the bottom of the 14th inning. The starting pitcher, the 14 year veteran John Lackey, pitched a fine baseball game against the dominant Matt Harvey, with 5 wins in 1 loss, this was his first no decision. So, tip your cap to the wiley veteran for hanging in with the young and up and coming. It should be noted that Lackey has more innings under his belt this season than Harvey. It was a tough loss and all that trite, nauseating bullshit. 

The second couch-fainting moment came after the game when Derrick Goold, the best write in baseball, tweeted this out:

@dgoold: “Not tonight,” Lackey says when approached by the media postgame. He was polite in his decline. “Sorry, guys. Not tonight.”  

It immediately threw the fan base into a tizzy. People demanding he say something. “He can’t give 5 minutes?”, one man wrote. He gave a comment. The comment was, he didn’t want to talk tonight. The team arrived at their hotel at 4 am and then played a long, hard game. “His teammates are answering hard questions.”, one estute observer pointed out. Well — they should, they didn’t hit and struck out a lot.
Sports does this in media, especially the fans, perhaps that’s what drives the media. To his credit, Goold seemed pacified by Lackey’s polite refusal to engage the media. As was I, but others felt entitled. To an intrusive extent. I’m always pondering larger issues and it made me think of the media as a whole, which I actually exclude Goold from, because he sticks to his beat, so to speak. It just made me think of misplaced priorities. What we rabble-rabble about and what we don’t. 
We allow the most powerful people in our country, to not answer our simple questions. Yet, protest too much on non sequitur events, like baseball. One very brilliant woman pointed out she could mange both, which I found impressive, and also rare in the our modern social media paradigm. You see, it is vertically intergrated into our media. Literally, that’s the term for this new way of sharing information. It’s people and publications who drive the narrative, that’s what I realized and was able to articulate tonight. 
At the end of the day, it’s just a game — to the fans. However, it’s a major industry to many others, most of whom we don’t see. That’s true of all types of media. So, I’ll cut them both, players and media some slack and say, all jobs have their pressure. I only wish we put this kind of pressure on differnt jobs. 

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