The Boring Exploits Of John Diehl 

John Diehl is the Speaker of the House in the representative branch of Missouri’s legislative body, an underwhelming accomplishment in true political terms. That’s not to say it’s not important, but it’s not a position that truly drives popular culture and societal norms. Yet, many of the people who are elected as republicans into the esteemed halls of law making in Jefferson City, including Diehl, ran partly, if not wholly, on a cultural platform. That’s what makes his boring sex life an issue in our media. It should be left as a personal event between him and his family, but he’s a public figure and our media has changed. “Thems the rules”, “tough shit”, and all that jazz.

What the Kansas City Star reported, was boring — it shocked no one in the political consultant/commentary class. Wouldn’t make it past a junior executive at any movie studio as a script. It’s cutesy and obnoxious for the most part. She was 19, which makes it look worse, but she was 19 and I’m sure a number of women have engaged in relations with older employers. So, put your rocks down about that — we empower young people to make their own decisions, she made a bad one. 

But much more importantly, so did John Diehl. It was quite idiotic in this day and age, to be blunt. He’s crippled his own career, which everyone accepts, but he’s jeopardized an entire states political platform. That needs a certain level of damage control. Diehl gave ammo to a thirsty progressive left leaning media. They will frame the whole GOP in the hum-drum political shade cast by a mole hill of a scandal, that will be made a mountainous crisis of Republican identity. It’s a simple trick, really. My 4 year-old showed me just the other night. “Just hold the light real close and it makes the shadow look bigger!”, she exclaimed on her new discovery. 

So, prepare for a few salvos on the family values/culture war front. They are a comin’.


One thought on “The Boring Exploits Of John Diehl 

  1. […] with a couple of recent scandals involving politicians and young interns. The first was Republican John Diehl, what’s linked is rather boring. By modern scandal standards it is sad. Diehl resigned […]

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