Yankee. Tango. Foxtrot. 

That title has a couple meanings, first it’s apart of military jargon, which is fascinating to your writer. It’s the name of a Wiclo album. 

There’s also a call sign Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. (WTF, which we know means “what the fuck”) 

That’s what’s happened last night in Hash Tag: Ferguson. A total what the fuck moment on twitter. Which is the social media platform I use most often. Some say I’m addicted to it, mostly the homeless drug addicts at the park I take my girls to on occasion. They’re good guys, just hit some rough spots, but I digress. 

  • first the protest happened, because the chief announces a resignment? 
  • Then the 2 cops from the county and Webster Groves, were shot
  • Immediate visaral reactions from racist, on both sides. 
  • Then conspiracy theories….
  • Then logical discorce. 

Check my facts. 

But this was said..

@chriskingstl This summer is going to be very bad unless some things change-Antonio French

 An elected local official who has gained exposure, based solely on the unrest in Ferguson. Look I’m not gonna give Deray, the blue vested wonder boy any more time than I have to, but he was pretty lose with his rhetoric last night–and has been since the day he arrived in Missouri. 

But these things also happened. 

A 5 year-old was killed in a random drive by. 

5-year-old is fatally shot in St. Louis stltoday.com/news/local/cri… A horrible act of violence and a reminder of the crisis our city is facing. 10:30pm – 11 Mar 15 -@AntonioFrench  

A Black Hawk UH-60 went down just a few miles away from where I’m vacationing. 

(Photo is of the local memorial here in Navarre, Florida very soon after the news of the crash broke) 

Tom Cotton pissed off the democrats by trolling the Iranians over the looming deal nuclear deal they have with the current White House. He even managed to make them jump to such an obvious knee-jerk defense of the President, they were calling for Cotton’s prosecution for treason based on the Logan Act. (You can look that noise up yourself)

It’s a busy world, I know, but seriously… Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. 


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