A Letter. 

So, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas sent a clear message to the region that is in flux. Some have framed it as a shot across the bow. I tend to fine myself in that camp. I feel he stood up for American constitutional sovereignty.  He sent it in Farsi as well, to not lose anything in translation. Some call it undermining the president. I do not agree with those people. I remember things like Democrats doing the same things sans transparency. So, I’m not impressed by the the attacks on Cotton’s patriotism. 

The region as Noah Rothman wrote, is “in flux”. Paradigms are shifting–this is a push back against a theocracy. Things are “changing fundamentally”, and that can be good, but you’re absolutely bonkers if you think American sovereignty will fundamentally change, from anything other than this Union of States. This federal patchwork that we call America. 

This isn’t an open invitation to fight, this is a firm position. Cotton realizes the shift in military force, not the blunt instrument it once was, but something more of precision and braided innovation and execution of missions. 

Knowing nothing about military Special Operation Forces (SOF), Obama kinda let the troops develop their own methods. The guys who fought in the region, are innovating ways of combating a global jihadis threat. At the same time, diplomacy is key. We have to cultivate relationships from our realistic position of a global stabilizer. Otherwise, why stablize the global flow of commerce? This is not a bunch of military of bullies, but ones who want to maintain the peace. We have no other choice, but to have some faith in Susan Rice. It’s that simple…

It was called a stunt. Cotton was called a traitor with the other 47 members of congress who signed it. You can google the hash tag “47 Traitors”. If it was a stunt why did the Iranians immediately respond? Simple question…

Not a question that has been answered to my liking. People who claim to be in the know, had know idea an Iranian deal was being made via presidential executive order. But they could tell you all about Netenyahu’s speech. 

That’s my friend, he usually is in the know, but he missed this blatant piece of propaganda. What I cropped out, was the phrase “God is indeed great.”

Now, I only care because it seems to have been Mr. Payne’s job to attack Christians in this state, our state—Missouri. I mentioned this in a previous post. Which is his right to attack the faith of his community, but it’s my right to say he is bigoted unevenly against religion. Tis the nature of coming up in the aggressive LBGT community of south St. Louis, I s’pose…

Anywho, I’m sure he is well aware of the Iranian deal now. If he isn’t, he doesn’t want to.  

Update: You can read why Cotton wrote the letter in his own words.


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