This Climate

In my moment of frustration, an attitude of total fuck-it-ness over came me, and I wrote this:

It’s a waste of time. I don’t think he wants this constant derision, but it happens. It’s the same tripe that the same flocks of insecure, bitter people harp on daily. I’ve wasted too much time trying figure out why people would mock other people’s religion. They don’t seem to do it equally. It’s pretty much one religion. 

They use bully tactics and hate it when someone flips that script on them. They name call, end the conversation, and suppress the speech. It’s a formula. It’s disgusting mob-like bully tactics.  

Recently, the death of a state official prompted soap box finger wagging from people. These people, also notorious bullies, are politically opposite of the previous ilk of bigots. Those ugly people exist on both sides of the isle.

You have to use a larger platform to try and make any social media medium a better place. (Is this is fun, is this cool? No, I hate it. it’s just necessary for me) 
It’s the culture, it’s the way it is. It’s sad. The only other option is to stay quiet and avoid the conflict. Which I won’t do, nor would many others.

Which is why I want to go back to talking about baseball, but that is not going to happen. 

Self-reflection is important 

All that was brought on by the now notorious Facebook and it’s oh-so cordial discourse. The hardline Missouri cannabis intellegensia and anti-cop sentiment act as if attacking Christianity are their marching orders. Why would they do that? Because they believe Christians in Missouri (namely evangelicals) are their largest opposition on getting cannabis legalized in some form in 2016. The faction in Missouri, directed by the national agenda set forth by SDS radical relics, is desperate to make this happen in 2016, they know they won’t have another mellinial turn out at the polls like this until 2020. So, they fly wildly at the large Christian population of Missouri, provoking them daily in a place that’s supposed to be where one’s friends interact socially online. Facebook… 

I had engaged in it myself, but only noticed it due to the high profile suicide of Tom Schweich, his death was just shocking altogether, but the reaction from the political class in Missouri was bizarre. Some political strategist and media figures have had the good sense to step away. Unfortunately, I’m still learning. They, those who had strong opinions immediately and didn’t step away, jumped on the notion of a whisper campaign, which in politics is as common as a press release. So, the notion that it was that issue that caused the tragedy, is perposturous, in your humble writers opinion. It was a disgusting show of indignancy from the establishment. They wanted to lecture on culture and dictate norms, not have the discussion on the tactics claimed to have been used. 

  • Being Jewish hurts with the left if your pro-Israel, unless you’re pro-Gaza.
  • Being Jewish helps with evangelicals, unless you’re pro-Gaza. 

Either way, it doesn’t seem like that his well known heritage would trigger his actions to be so extreme. I tend to think it was the House of Cards-esque ad ran against Schweich that had more of effect on his psyche, listen to it. If you’ve seen the show, that’s spooky to hear. (And yes, the show loves the coverage–free advertisement, don’t be fooled

What occurred next, truly boggled my mind. The people denouncing the whisper/bully campaign were using the same mean tactics, that we hate about political discourse. Ad hominem, baseless, name calling of strangers or even friends.


These people immediately regurgitated Sen. Danforth’s condemning emotional pulpit finger wagging. These are the same cannabis enthusiast who hate all religion, so they say, but fear Christianity. The moral and logical contortion.. Well.. It truly is a sight to behold.

GOP Loyal Government Employees:

  • Their platform is a bully pulpit.
  • Two, telling people how to debate, is suppressing speech
  • Calling that person names, using your political position to make a statement, then close off the debate, after posting your gun porn pictures for months. Well, that seems like intimidation tactics. In other words, bullying. (Not gonna name names on this employee of the people, but he’s a civil servant, not a lobbyist on culture and proper free speech. He should seek help on his need to control people) 


Who use fake names and accounts to say wildly abusive things in front of your friends and family, to prove a single point on one issue. That should be discussed and called out. That should be blocked, not the real citizen. 

Normal People:

Making it clear they’re tired of this climate, it’s disruptive and devisive. They just want everyone to shut up. 

What’s the solution?

Stop speaking and give away your rights? No.. In your humble writers opinion, we should all measure our words carefully, in every interaction with real people. Special interests and activist? Well, your special interest isn’t special to me, you should remember that before you insult me and my family, by calling me awful names. And trolls? Fuck em.. They recieve no quarter. You attack their cowardice. Relentlessly. 

It’s something we all need to do, if only to set a better example for those that will come behind us. 


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