The Report, The Result, and The Narrative

Ferguson, what can I say?  It happened really close to me. On a few different levels. I was lucky… I guess. I knew the map and layout of the area. I spent a significant amount of time in the actual municipality, among many of the more notorious areas. I’m certainly not proud of my interaction with law enforcement in St. Louis county. I have seen brutality and humiliation that made me turn my head. I have seen people try and harm the police. But more often than not, what I saw was people hurting other people. Sad, but true. Not a judgement, but an estute observation. 

Does DOJ do anything without a “leak” first?-Jane Dueker

 release the info or keep quiet until you can. I cannot remember a DOJ acting like this”-Jane Dueker 

That was a good question.. Those leaks are exhausting. 

A fine American Fried Egg sandwich. A deliciously for the other “Missourah”, as some have phrased it, which is to say those not affected by Ferguson and the domino effect. The Holy Hilbillies, as they’ve become known as in the elite halls of power in the state Capitol in Jefferon City. Many simple folk have made this a steady staple of their diet. Filling.. 

My last post on Ferguson, I discussed the DoJ’s report on what happened in the days and weeks and months after Michael Brown was shot. It had much more to do with predatory revenue collection, than it did with Michael Brown. What does it mean? Is the city of Ferguson in trouble? I guess I’ll have to wait and see the results with the rest of the world, to sort the through the narrative

The narrative is the key here, the effort isn’t to avenge Brown, it’s to not let a tragedy go to waste. It’s to have the dominoes start to fall. 

The Missouri Supreme Court doesn’t have to wait for the DOJ to issue more reports. It doesn’t have to wait for the Missouri Legislature to start the dominoes of reform falling. It has the constitutional power and the moral duty to end the oppression of the municipal court system right now.“-The Platform

There you have it, this will be forced. With that, I take leave of this fray for now. We all need a breather, now and again.

I’m gonna enjoy the finer things in life, starting with a family trip. Currently, your humble writer finds himself in Tupelo, Mississippi. Craving a fried egg sandwich and sharing a bed with 2 small bed hogs. 

I pray for peace. I share Danforth’s views on changing the political culture, but that starts with the individual. We all know why it is needed, we all know a stable man broke under the stain of that culture. For the climate to be changed, perhaps is another unintended domino. We are a strong state, we will get through this. We will Show the world, as it is what do, a motto we live by here.   


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