Reflection and Resolution. 

Former* US Senator Danforth… He put out this scathing press release, via his aide Martha Fitz regarding her final conversation with Tom Shweich. She says she spoke to him, he mentioned the Jewish whisper campaign, mentioned suicide, and stayed true to his word to the very end, when he in fact, killed himself. That was the impression I got from Schweich in my brief meetings with him, he was an up front guy and he kept his word. Most people have expressed as much about the man in memorium. I was even subjected to lectures about bullying, by the bullies of my own youth. It was surreal. A guy, now a director at probabtion and parole, took a pair of shoes my parents spent half a paycheck getting for me, for a Christmas present and threw them away. And the guy who threw them away–was lecturing all of Facebook on bullying. He’s now a dedicated republican, you see. I know your question, did I fight back? Yes, I took a pretty good ass whipping, never got my shoes back. Did get a half assed apology from him, told to “seek help” and blocked by this Missouri state correctionals official. 

This was taken in July, it changed far earlier than the other leaves, and fell to the earth. It struck me as a leaf, who just couldn’t take hanging on the tree anymore.

The timing of the press release from Danforth’s office accounting those final few, fateful moments seem to be in support of a clear condemnation of the current climate of politics-directed at one man, John Hancock, a Republican  strategist and consultant. Danforth made no bones about how he felt about Score Board politics. The “win at any cost” montra, the “by any means nessicary” atmosphere that has saturated our political climate. Personally, I place the blame much high than John Handock, but placing blame would be further engaging in that activity. 

No, I was sucked into the trap by very emotional people all across the social media spectrum. Twitter trolls saying Schweich had the most ugly skeletons in his closet. People joking about his suicede, who all walked it back after a firm public shaming and reminder of fucking manners. One hardcore republican (the afore mentioned law enforcement official) government official mocked my writings, when we actually agreed. One policy wonk, jumped the gun and claimed I wasn’t giving credence to Danforth’s relationship with Schweich and his well earned credibility as a public figure. Which is completely the opposite, I said his words held tremendous weight. Enough to crush a mans career. The climate is so toxic in this case. It takes quite a toll. 

This is your humble writer walking away, making the choice not to sling any more mud or speculation on what is, clearly, a taxing episode in our state’s history.  Wheels are in motion and I can’t stop them. I can’t impugn anyone, I shouldn’t. I should ask and dig. What and who influenced this man, who felt he had no other choice.

I start with questions:

  • Who was Sam Cook?  And What did he know? 
  • How does this effect Hanaway’s campaign? (His opponent in the upcoming Republican primary.)
  • Who funded her? (Senqfield) 
  • Who else in the Republican Party was working on strategies for and against Schweich?
  • How do we fix the culture?

These seem to be questions that need to asked moving forward. Not debating what is in John Hancock’s heart and what isn’t. ‘Tis folly to inject religion into this, no one has the final say on God’s mind, let alone Tom Scweich or John Hancock. Besides, the holly hillbillies, as so many elites have called them in Missouri, aren’t to be trifled with when it comes to theology. The good ones don’t preach on Facebook. 

Best we move forward and mourn without rallying a mob to restrict the right to whisper. If it was a plan set in motion, it would have been anihilated —I would have been swinging back on Scweich’s behalf, with furious gusto. Using my free speech with hundreds of others. It would have buried Hanaway’s campaign. No amount of money would have helped her. But we will never know! Even if we do, even if emails and recordings emerge proving Hancock is a giant anti-Semite, it’s not illegal, it’s only wrong. Those aren’t the same things. Making it illegal, takes away something that is worth putting up with bigots to possess. Something Scweich said he believed in, the God given right to free speech. 

I stress, once more, and for the last time. Walk away and be responsible for what you say about and to people, think about the ramifications of your words. That is this humble writers resolution. 

The most important point I want to drive home is, if you have thoughts or issues of suicide, please, I beg you, seek help. It’s there. 


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