The Feds In Ferguson

The Department of Justice ( DOJ) released a report on Ferguson and it’s troubles. Namely, the civil unrested sparked by the preventable death of Michael Brown, which is still a matter of dispute, “why” completely escapes me. For a time, Brown was “shot in the back execution style” or so claimed the well progressed and highly educated. Later it was changed to Hands up, Don’t Shoot. (Whch was total bullshit, let’s not miss that point, the global marketing for this narrative was a proven bold faced lie, never forget that.) Later disproven, again the narrative changed, to the unfair policing and court systems, that seek to target African Americans. That constant rotation of justification gave us a 105 page report on one police department, that is framed as being on par with Bull Connor and his bigoted police force. This report now must be sifted through by objective individuals, because the left and activist journalist, have cherry picked phrases out of context to support a narrative that they have worked so hard created. They gotta protect their “baby”, their creation.

The tweets and post were the same, almost word for word, from hundreds of writers, editors, and pundits. It was the same apparatus that ascended upon the area in August. They all were eager to tell which part of the report reaffirmed their own bleeding heart narrative. 

Here’s an example of antidotal evidence from the report page, 17 and 18:

At times, the constitutional violations are even more blatant. An African-American man
recounted to us an experience he had while sitting at a bus stop near Canfield Drive. According
to the man, an FPD patrol car abruptly pulled up in front of him. The officer inside, a patrol
lieutenant, rolled down his window and addressed the man:
Lieutenant: Get over here.
Bus Patron: Me?
Lieutenant: Get the f*** over here. Yeah, you. 
Bus Patron:Why? What did I do? 
Lieutenant: Give me your ID.
Bus Patron: Why?
Lieutenant: Stop being a smart ass and give me your ID.
The lieutenant ran the man’s name for warrants. Finding none, he returned the ID and said, “get
the hell out of my face.” These allegations are consistent with other, independent allegations of
misconduct that we heard about this particular lieutenant, and reflect the routinely disrespectful
treatment many African Americans say they have come to expect from Ferguson police. That a
lieutenant with supervisory responsibilities allegedly engaged in this conduct is further cause for

Now, I have no idea who said that about a Lieutenant, but you don’t get that rank by being an idiot. That strikes me as an idiotic way to engage a public citizen, supposedly minding their own business. 

 There are some truths that are over looked: 

  • Ferguson is not unique in Missouri, or different from most police departments, for that matter. 
  • Here’s a census report to compare populations and geographical realities of Missiouri.
  • These problems were being addressed at the local level before the national media descended upon the area like a pack ravenous feral dogs.

The more credible elements who want change in the area, focus completely on the systemic problems that traps only African Americans in a cycle of poverty, which is a preposterous notion to apply to Missouri. Preposterous, because it’s all poor people who get caught in the financially draining cycle of fines and warrants. State-wide what’s the demographic breakdown on tickets for no insurance? You’d fine plenty of poor whites who have warrants for the same thing. You might even find it is spread out proportionally. 

Indicting the legal system on the behalf of one racial population is inherently racist, it implies they can’t do it themselves. To fight for all poor people who are preyed upon by this system is something far more noble and admirable. Perhaps this giant movement of activist should take the advise of the Republicans and broaden their message, as to not leave many in poverty feeling slighted. That is what breeds long term resentment within populations who are very different, yet live side-by-side. Which is St. Louis and Missouri to a tee. One great example of a population being ignored, is the Bosnian population is St. Louis. It wasn’t until a brutal beating death of a man minding his own business that they were able to gain media attention about their lack of a safe police presence. Seems like the DOJ should have looked into that too. 

They did briefly, only to say Zemir Begic wasn’t killed because of his race. No matter what is said about the tragic event, the timeline is very clear. In the early morning hours of November 30th, Begic was beaten to death with hammers. What was occuring the night of the 29th and into the morning of the 30th was a wide swath of civil unrest. We are told, by the same police—who can’t be trusted, according to the narrative and this report—it was a tragic coincidence. The activist buy that hook, line, and sinker, but refuse to believe the police on other things. I find that to be quite odd. Although the timeline clearly shows, the more credible elements of the protest left St. Louis for a march to Missouri’s capital in Jefferson City very soon after Begic died. That’s what happened. Why? Is still an issue of debate. 

One analyst called this report “appeasement”. I call it a way for local activist lawyers to justify collapsing the municipal make up of the St. Louis metro area and to not seem like they’re pushing something not wanted by the majority of county residents. They can’t do it without a crisis, and boy oh boy–did they ever get the one they needed. They used Brown’s death perfectly—and yes—they used him. 

Pardon this writers cynicism, but this movement has smelled fishy since late August, when activist from Chicago tried to set up Mike Brown’s vigil at a burnt out Quik Trip. 

The worst part to watch was, every group with a gripe and a cause piggybacked off the death of Brown and the public crucifixion of the officer, Darren Wilson. Two humanbeings involved in the briefest of life or death moments. And still, the troubles persist. 

You should fully expect a return of the same hostile environment,  as soon as the winter has thawed. Brace yourselves…


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