Let Me Make Sure I’m Hearing You Correctly

“This is actually a real scandal. A real honest to goodness scandal. Controversy over transparency.” – Alex Wagner… on Chris Christie.


So.. Months and months are spent impugning the governor of New Jersey Chris Christie over a lane closure last year. All circumstantial evidence predicated on emails between his staff. It led nightly MSNBC shows for weeks. Progressive pundits called for criminal investigations. Only to find out he did nothing wrong and there would be no charges.

Fastfoward to today, and Democratic front runner for president, Hillary Clinton, had her own email scandal. But this was while she was Secratary of State, the lead diplomat for our country. She may have sent classified emails on unsecured lines, this is from Mother Jones, no less. 

“The Clinton’s are Teflon…”-T. Becket Adams

Adam’s has a good point, their damage control mechonism was/is one, for the ages. Cracks, however, have started to show. An example is provided here by, Daily Digitas.

Photo via TheWire.com

The emails prompted a new Benghazi probe from republicans, lead by the tenacious Trey Gowdy, a representative from South Carolina. The news of the probe promoted the same “Meh…” attitude from the mainstream portion of our media. “What scandal?” They said. And then they mock their own countrymen for caring that an embassy was overran and the voters were lied to about why and how it happened. It’s nauseating to watch their indifference. 

In summation, a review:

  • Lane closure is career ending and could have resulted in a federal investigation, based on emails. (Republican)
  • Send classified state emails from a personal account and it’s just a mishap and emails aren’t enough to start a probe into a disaster under the person who sent said emails. (Democrat) 

Hillary Clinton’s emails don’t matter, Chris Christies emails matter enough to push for a federal investigation over a lane closure. 

By the by, I don’t recall MSNBC ever revealing where they got the original emails from Christie’s staffers. But I digress…

We will just have to wait to see what these new revelations mean for the future of Clinton’s 2016 run for the White House.

Update: at the time of this post, the reports of Clinton’s activities were preliminary. Here is thorough review of what she is accused of doing. She has yet to comment, but look on any social media site or google the issue and you’ll find an aggressive defense being mounted on here behalf. The usual wagons are being circled for now. This post will continue to be updated. 

Updated: Noah Rothman points out a portion of Allah Pundit’s piece that says “it’s almost certain some of the [Clinton emails] were intercepted.” This can be cataclysmic for her 2016 bid. 


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