The Condolences Poured In

So, our state auditor and GOP gubernatorial front runner, Tom Schweich killed himself and that has you in a frazzle. Some of you relied on his brand of conservatism. You needed him in the ranks of the cannabis intellegensia. I get it… Many people pinned their hopes on Schweich’s tenacious approach to politics. He wasn’t directly involved in cannabis reform, but he saw the writing on the wall and encouraged others to be more open minded. Something the GOP desperately needs. 

An hour after the news broke, I had a dear friend and bipartisan political policy advisor, text me and ask me about my “crazy conspiracy theory” on what happened to this vibrant young civil servant. This insider, Ron Wayne-yes, that’s a pseudonym-had asked my opinion in a dismissive, yet truly curious way. Not that he wasn’t smart, but that he couldn’t wrap his head around what had just occurred. I had postulated more than one theory that had turned out to be correct, so, I see why he’d ask me. 

Another close friend Mr Hizer, who directs in the same organization, said clearly, “We’ll never know.” And that was that, he had the instincts to move on and not let his cause be snagged by this looming political storm. 

The death of Tom Schweich has you reevaluating your position on cannabis reformation. So much is swirling. I know. Hanaway is the GOP heir apparent to the governor’s nomination and now the cannabis movement must shift it’s alliances with Koster. Who has a better chance of winning the governors   mansion in 2016. You have to coordinate and capitulate to Kander, who stands to possibly overcome Blunt. It was a seismic shift unlike anything since Mel Carnahan’s death. 

Is that Montel Williams? Why hell, yes. He served this country. Is that Aarron Malin? I have no friggin clue… He strikes me as a lurker. I snatched that photo from Eli Yokley, of the New York Times. One might say I stole it, but I scoff at such fools. 

Montel came to talk about how medical cannabis can help combat veterans issues with PTSD. There’s a theory floating around, that cannabis helps with PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder)  and Williams reinforces that notion. It’s not as wild as it seems, people thrust into violent war zones, fraught with grey areas, find tranquility in cannabis. Crazier things have happened. And in a practical sense, haven’t they earned it? I say, yes. They have..

These hearing have been eclipsed by a devastating tragedy, but the goal remains the same. Everyone across the political spectrum on every issues is having to reevaluate their strategies, due to the passing of Schweich. It’s been devastating for many Missourians, “Condolences Poured In”. One Missourian in particular is Tony Messenger, he seems close to the epicenter. I hope it doesn’t affect him to greatly, he seems like a decent human being. 

It is abundantly clear, this has thrown a giant monkey wrench in the gears of the pretty steady running political republican machine in Missouri. We shall see…

Rest in Peace, Tom. I hope you’ve found it. Your family will remain in our prayers.  

These are deep waters…


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