Gun Culture

I was raised in the Ozark Mountain foothills, kind of strange name when you ponder it. Guns were literally—everywhere. Every deer season one could see a rifle sitting in the front seat of any given pick-up truck. I was granted 2 weeks away from school, with my father to attend the “deer woods”. I took safety courses to get my hunting license. I saw plenty deer pass, but I always let them pass. That was my choice and I made it young. I didn’t want to kill a deer.

Did I ever dress a deer?

Yes, you silly people, I field dressed a deer. Which is to say, I skinned it. The men around me felt it was a handy thing to know. So, I sliced and pealed. I received the first cooked piece of the kill. A formative experience.

How is that different from other cultures?

It’s not..

It’s a culture who used firearms for daily life. It evolved out of necessity. It was only a few generations ago that people still relied on that source of food.

I don’t want to parse words over the second amendment. That’s just my experience.


I drink coffee mostly, I also attempt to understand and intensely follow the use of much more destructive weapons. That’s the beauty of social media–one can be informed. I can use that tool to stay informed about use of serious weaponry.

Thank you for reading this unsolicited think piece.


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