Firmness, Is It Manly?

Today an article broke, via The Columbia Tribune. In it, it questions Representative Mike Moon’s meaning on a statement made about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), now on public record. About:

Manly Firmness

And all that it entails. Women in trenches and how they fight, the usual snares one finds with using lose rhetoric.

Now the original quote, which Moon walks back, but smacks of your usual GOP defensively based offense, said he wished Obamacare would be repealed, with “manly firmness”. Here’s his original salvo. Now—Moon didn’t do anything more than, push for the full completion of a repeal of the ACA. Very manly. Pushing and completing, that is. I should know, I am very manly after all. He just did it the wrong way and failed to sure up loose social media ends.

It probably wouldn’t matter, without the awesome pornstar stache.

His idea? Well, that’s a different debate. Should we repeal Obamacare? Time will tell.

However, it’s made for some good fodder. Comparing the senior most congressional delegate with 2 “X” chromosomes, Senator. Claire McKaskill, to Moon. Which isn’t much of one, seeing how she’s a senator, she is in a more powerful position. (Not to mention the Senator is alleged to have given birth and voted on legislation on the same day. If true, she was pushing in a trench no man will ever find himself in, was she not?)

Anyhow.. We will see how Moon pushes his agenda (slow music plays) on to the voters of Missouri. We’ll see if he can come to completion, in his hopes to repeal. Godspeed you, you mustache bearing patriot, Godspeed you.


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