Throwing A Flag

So you tweet. But to whom, should be ones first question. Context is key.

Then there’s the matter of who you follow and who follows you. I’m sure there’s a multitude of apps that can track that nonsense. However, that’s after the fact. To understand it you have to understand the process of shaping the narrative. But also, understand a newly vertically integrated media and how to plant the seeds of that narrative. Seeds, if you’ll follow this writer’s logic for a moment, that are planted on both sides. The media has turned social media, namely twitter into a tool, to create news. It can ignore real news, by focusing on the narrative they have created.

This formula is played out perfectly in Missouri. Some former prosecutor decided to throw her hat in the ring nearly 2 years ahead of the election. She raised staggering amounts of money early, for a gubernatorial race. She was hit with the force of a Media Mack Truck. In lockstep, by the Left leaning Missouri media, who had turned on the women. They stuck out their chest. They had taken back feminism for women.

This is so good. // Catherine Hanaway channels her inner Todd Akin. How sad. : News… @tonymess 8:25pm – 4 Feb 15

-Jeff Smith

This is to remind us of rape culture. A gaffe, from 2012. This is the New School. It was like clock work with that knee-jerk Akin reference.


@tonymess This isn’t a prelude to some kind of BS copyright enforcement action by the P-D, I hope. 10:06pm – 4 Feb 15

-Jeff Mazur

We’ll see…

This is the original. What’s with the cigar? And the Akin reference? That’s where I throw this flag.


@jmaz no way! Keep this one. 10:10pm – 4 Feb 15

-Tony Messenger

Hanaway, got hit hard by the left–that’s not my problem. It’s her fault for not combating this on social media. However, I’ve had it up to my gawdamned eyeballs with this hypocrisy and false narratives. They hammer a local women and ignore open slaughter and sale of women globally. Why? Maybe it helps the White House–I don’t fucking know. Is this thinking globally, acting locally?

Why would they miss this brutality if they were so dedicated to fighting a global war on women?

Maybe because of their funding? I dunno.

It was an issue brought up poorly by Tim Jones.

Listen up #moleg press corps deadbeats: your new assignment editor @SpeakerTimJones wants you on the ISIS beat ASAP.


He was pointing to your pathetic inconsistencies. You have none of my respect, @ JMaz. I’m not paid to defend anyone, but I will speak up for women being turned into property. While you attack some one who has actually stopped sexual predators, great fucking job. I’m sure sex slaves in Northern Nigeria and Syria are impressed, with your fight against the war on women.


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