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What We Know Works

So, you are roughly 18 months clean of narcotics—that’s amazing. *high Five, with gusto* *hug*

Let me buy you some coffee….

You want to influence policy, even better. You want to use the organizational infrastructure and skills of a 12-step fellowships to—wait let me slow you down there. That requires some critical thinking. Because there are some firm guidelines that shouldn’t be tampered with for any cause, to save and protect the original cause of any 12-Step. It is an institution of sanctuary for addicts that has gotten more results than any other program in history. It is loosely affiliated and is driven by only one purpose, to help people battle the addiction of disease. 

You have your pet project that is now in the halls of legislation, Missouri House Bill 236. It is a good Samaritan Law that allows medical workers to come and not prosecute the caller, who is in a number of cases also getting high. In reality, that doesn’t prosecute other addicts from taking their over dosing fellow users to the hospital. In the same breath, it doesn’t include Naloxone, which is what some recent Chicago transfers have advocated for in the Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri.

However, it is subject to the whims and games of American politics. Something that is hard for the most thick-skinned political operatives to cope with, let alone someone just entering recovery. And with it, are the whims and games of politics that brings me to my two main points. The organization and the individual

First, the organization is a 12-step fellowship with one goal and a firm understanding with the powers that be. The fellowship does not become politicized or radicalized  (political, like the SDS or economic like selling drugs at meetings circa Breaking Bad) and the powers the be, law enforcement, does not monitor meetings. It would be unethical to do so, seeing how a good number of attendees are court ordered. However, law enforcement is obligated to observe if nefarious activities occur like some Breaking Bad type stuff and political operatives don’t give a damn about rules or ethics (see: House of Cards), so they’d come to meetings to gain 3 points on a poll result, but I digress. I’m being cheeky on the last bold print, but to summarize this point, all distraction and possible detriment should be kept away from these fellowships. Political, or otherwise. It doesn’t need the pressure, it has enough life or death going on without adding the pressures that come with the ebbs and flows of political policy making.  

By all means, excersise those rights, but think about the ramifications of your actions. Which brings me to my second point: the individuals you organize. When fighting laws that harm addicts, you tend to attract addicts. There should be clear boundaries with every level of involvement. There needs to be a limits on involvement of your recruits, for example one year clean. Allowing the freshly recovered to engage directly, can be detrimental to your cause, but will certainly, and more importantly, take a toll on someone with only 30 days clean. The afore mentioned fellowship is founded to protect those in a vulnerable state, not whip them into a political army. The individuals you organize, should be a huge priority. You are urging someone to enter into a rough political climate, one that does not suffer fools or the weak. It is an age of full bloody well socio-political Darwinism. Highlighted daily on social media between the struggles of upstart publications like The Federalist and the bohemeth’s like Buzzfeed. Players like Sean Davis and others are seasoned pros, with thick skin. Something no addict fresh off the street could possibly develop over night. So, when seeking “bodies” at your rallies, avoid rounding up the recently clean. They often look for something to occupy their racing minds. For a time, politics fills that need, but as any seasoned pro will tell you, it fades.  Most will tell you, you lose more than you win. 

Lastly, if you are recently clean, don’t rule out politics, but enter it carefully. Sure up yourself and you’ll be a much more effective player in the exhausting game of our republican democracy. Stick with the meetings, they do work. 



So, the stories of 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt, being beheaded broke. It sent shock waves through the world. Not ones that cause for outrageous outrage and shit-sandwich think-pieces, but the kind that of makes everyone be quite.


Noah Rothaman wrote this, now a haunting foreshadowing, on the speed at which a global jihad grows and how the media down plays that very real fact. He gave it scope and scale. I highly recommend reading his analysis.

You young millennials find yourself, in a fight you didn’t start. Your enemy doesn’t care that you don’t care about them, it’s a non sequitur.

This particular atrocity occurred in the very country where then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, had an embassy over ran. It’s in the place where America had it’s first foreign incursion. If you can’t see the symbolism, you’re probably daft.

So what do we do? Hang the President out to dry and totally ruin our foreign policy or act?

I say we act, the president is lame duck. Let him quack. “He needs to stop this”, is what the next presidential Democratic candidate is telling this current administration. And the next likely Democratic candidate is the very former Secretary of State, who mismanaged Libya, to begin with. I can’t imaging she’d want the issue bogging down her campaign. I’m almost positive Mrs. Clinton doesn’t want to inherit this regional clusterfuck. She has enough to worry about with her accepting money from foreign governments and sending insecure emails. That damage control is a handful. 


The Egyptian military plans to hit the militant Islamist in Libya who beheaded Egyptian civilians with airstrikes.

Creating a new buzz phrase “Arab Neocon. Coined by the Middle Eastern consultant and a driving force behind the “Arab Spring Manifesto” in Norway, Iyad El-Baghdadi. 

 These “Arab Neocons” want to institute political, social, and religious reform but without due process – imposed through force and money.-Iyad El-Baghdadi.  

Update: the situation is still pretty bad, new factions are conducting airstrikes in Lybia. 

Gun Culture

I was raised in the Ozark Mountain foothills, kind of strange name when you ponder it. Guns were literally—everywhere. Every deer season one could see a rifle sitting in the front seat of any given pick-up truck. I was granted 2 weeks away from school, with my father to attend the “deer woods”. I took safety courses to get my hunting license. I saw plenty deer pass, but I always let them pass. That was my choice and I made it young. I didn’t want to kill a deer.

Did I ever dress a deer?

Yes, you silly people, I field dressed a deer. Which is to say, I skinned it. The men around me felt it was a handy thing to know. So, I sliced and pealed. I received the first cooked piece of the kill. A formative experience.

How is that different from other cultures?

It’s not..

It’s a culture who used firearms for daily life. It evolved out of necessity. It was only a few generations ago that people still relied on that source of food.

I don’t want to parse words over the second amendment. That’s just my experience.


I drink coffee mostly, I also attempt to understand and intensely follow the use of much more destructive weapons. That’s the beauty of social media–one can be informed. I can use that tool to stay informed about use of serious weaponry.

Thank you for reading this unsolicited think piece.

Firmness, Is It Manly?

Today an article broke, via The Columbia Tribune. In it, it questions Representative Mike Moon’s meaning on a statement made about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), now on public record. About:

Manly Firmness

And all that it entails. Women in trenches and how they fight, the usual snares one finds with using lose rhetoric.

Now the original quote, which Moon walks back, but smacks of your usual GOP defensively based offense, said he wished Obamacare would be repealed, with “manly firmness”. Here’s his original salvo. Now—Moon didn’t do anything more than, push for the full completion of a repeal of the ACA. Very manly. Pushing and completing, that is. I should know, I am very manly after all. He just did it the wrong way and failed to sure up loose social media ends.

It probably wouldn’t matter, without the awesome pornstar stache.

His idea? Well, that’s a different debate. Should we repeal Obamacare? Time will tell.

However, it’s made for some good fodder. Comparing the senior most congressional delegate with 2 “X” chromosomes, Senator. Claire McKaskill, to Moon. Which isn’t much of one, seeing how she’s a senator, she is in a more powerful position. (Not to mention the Senator is alleged to have given birth and voted on legislation on the same day. If true, she was pushing in a trench no man will ever find himself in, was she not?)

Anyhow.. We will see how Moon pushes his agenda (slow music plays) on to the voters of Missouri. We’ll see if he can come to completion, in his hopes to repeal. Godspeed you, you mustache bearing patriot, Godspeed you.

Throwing A Flag

So you tweet. But to whom, should be ones first question. Context is key.

Then there’s the matter of who you follow and who follows you. I’m sure there’s a multitude of apps that can track that nonsense. However, that’s after the fact. To understand it you have to understand the process of shaping the narrative. But also, understand a newly vertically integrated media and how to plant the seeds of that narrative. Seeds, if you’ll follow this writer’s logic for a moment, that are planted on both sides. The media has turned social media, namely twitter into a tool, to create news. It can ignore real news, by focusing on the narrative they have created.

This formula is played out perfectly in Missouri. Some former prosecutor decided to throw her hat in the ring nearly 2 years ahead of the election. She raised staggering amounts of money early, for a gubernatorial race. She was hit with the force of a Media Mack Truck. In lockstep, by the Left leaning Missouri media, who had turned on the women. They stuck out their chest. They had taken back feminism for women.

This is so good. // Catherine Hanaway channels her inner Todd Akin. How sad. : News… @tonymess 8:25pm – 4 Feb 15

-Jeff Smith

This is to remind us of rape culture. A gaffe, from 2012. This is the New School. It was like clock work with that knee-jerk Akin reference.


@tonymess This isn’t a prelude to some kind of BS copyright enforcement action by the P-D, I hope. 10:06pm – 4 Feb 15

-Jeff Mazur

We’ll see…

This is the original. What’s with the cigar? And the Akin reference? That’s where I throw this flag.


@jmaz no way! Keep this one. 10:10pm – 4 Feb 15

-Tony Messenger

Hanaway, got hit hard by the left–that’s not my problem. It’s her fault for not combating this on social media. However, I’ve had it up to my gawdamned eyeballs with this hypocrisy and false narratives. They hammer a local women and ignore open slaughter and sale of women globally. Why? Maybe it helps the White House–I don’t fucking know. Is this thinking globally, acting locally?

Why would they miss this brutality if they were so dedicated to fighting a global war on women?

Maybe because of their funding? I dunno.

It was an issue brought up poorly by Tim Jones.

Listen up #moleg press corps deadbeats: your new assignment editor @SpeakerTimJones wants you on the ISIS beat ASAP.


He was pointing to your pathetic inconsistencies. You have none of my respect, @ JMaz. I’m not paid to defend anyone, but I will speak up for women being turned into property. While you attack some one who has actually stopped sexual predators, great fucking job. I’m sure sex slaves in Northern Nigeria and Syria are impressed, with your fight against the war on women.