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The Night They Drove Old Twitter Down…

Twitter went down.. It was gawdamned catastrophe. A lot of good tweets were lost. It’s still hard to talk about.


When I brought it up to a high ranking policy wonk, he merely replied:

And yet the world continues to turn.

Indeed, it does
But his implication was that social media metics, are useless. That they have no bearing on the larger narratives that fight for attention in the headlines. Which, is contradictory to this policy makers previous stance on social media when it served his cause’s pleasure.

My humble response:

You wouldn’t imply that twitter is some mirage and has no bearing on the narrative would you?

I have been pretty satirical in my broad observation of the reliance on the medium, by the media.

The world does indeed turn, are we only to focus on what’s “local”? Are we not suppose to fulfill our promises to an ally? It’s a bid picture of American credibility, played out 140 characters at a time.

The ability to consistently compress those ideas into such a small, but effective format, shows some level of intellect. If not at least a firm grasp of the English language


Is he hypocritical? Maybe, but I’d say it’s a bit harsh. He’s just pragmatic. Which often looks to be hypocritical. It’s, however, funny how quickly people turn on social media when it becomes a burden or a bother.

It was left at that, between us.. Where it will probably remain.