Follow Up: The Cogency

In my previous post I discussed discussing Ferguson with my fellow Americans and a Canadian. Now, a Psychiatric Social Worker.. A little old lady is being snarky. Our saga continues.

This was my response to Miller, an alleged comedian. Who’s platform is facebook. Who had called me stupid, upon me answering a very benign question, in a calm way.


Dude, you came with right wing bullshit talking points…what did you expect to happen
(“Dude”.. He’s so edgy.)

Right bullshit wing” talking points? It’s a puff piece from 2008. It was about McCulloch, the prosecutor, who this man never names. He’s attacking McCulloch as a racist, but when I point out he actively helped get the first black president get elected, it was called “bullshit”.

How is it is a right wing talking point? It’s just a fact. McCulloch is pretty mainstream. I was fucking asked my opinion you asshole. See the fucking question mark!?

————> ? <———– this warrants a response, I gave one you fucking moron.

Who asked me? A good natured Canadian. I’ve always been able to discuss these tough topics with civility with him. He may be a fake account, I don’t know. But this is how it transpired.


The gloating and the fact that right away people were siding with Wilson even tho we didnt have all the facts was pissing me off

Brown was dead…not injured…or wrongly jailed but he was dead.


I wish he wasn’t.


What I truly dispise is the systemic way of right after a black dude is shot the media is looking for dirt to put on that guy…to my canadian ass…thats sickening.

Me too, he probably knew I was frustrated myself. Not probably—definitely, I told him I was.

It wasn’t meant to be an ambush, but it felt like it at times. It devolved immediately.

Later an older lady said this:

I’m having a heart attack from the surprise.

Way it goes sometimes. Hope she’s okay.

Remeber white progressives, you’ve been asked not to speak on the matter. How ya feel about that, psychiatrist? They’ve basically told comics not to work. How’s that feel Ross Miller?



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