A Black Friday Miracle

No.. No miraculous, unbelievable sales, just a shift in socio-political loyalties. It seemed miraculous.. To see the African American community break out of it’s Obama-trance. Some moments of honesty.

@CornelWest: Obama’s empty neutrality, moral bankruptcy and political cowardice is now undeniable to even his most loyal cheerleaders and boot-lickers!

@CornelWest: #Ferguson: The sad end of the Age of Obama

Of course, he doesn’t speak for the entire African American community, but he is a respected academic. His deceleration, should mean something. If we respect academia, the truth, and cultural context, West’s words hold a weight, one that shouldn’t be over looked. Is he far left? Yes, very far. But a pacifist and a Christian. There’s worse things to be. So, hear the guy out, is all I’m saying.

Our President said, the troubles in Ferguson—yes, troubles, what the hell else can you call them—are an avenue to a larger national debate.

Photo via The White House

So, I did just that.


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