The Movement: The Second Act

I’ve known this contributor to the St Louis American, for a long time. The first time I met him, he walked to the batters box in little league without a helmet, wearing orange sunglasses—straight out of the Big Lebowski, Sabcheck style. I had to remind him to go get his helmet. That was our first conversation. Followed by many; he taught me what a joint was; he clarified Rolling Stones lyrics for me; he exposed me to his spectacularly superior education acquired at Washington University. He validated me as a person. I also had strong disagreements with Mr. Payne over Ferguson and how he went about handling a movement I felt very passionate about. (Partially why Ray Downs got mentioned in my last post) Downs wrote up a piece for the cannabis reform movement at the River Front Times.

Let it be known, any attempt to defame Mr Payne without facts and I’ll come at you like a fucking spider monkey.

Believe what you will, I tweet with the real National Security (NatSec) community. I got vetted. I keep my mouth shut, that is why NatSec and CIA analyst follow me on the humble social medium of Twitter. It’s not an indication of my expertise, but rather an acknowledgment that I’ve learned to ask the right questions. This is a small example of an expression of expectance, from the NatSec community.

Mr. Payne is a Butler county man, those men, tend to have swagger. We always will. Mr. John Payne, is without a doubt a Butler County Man . I am not a Butler County man, I’m an American.

Just because I don’t like how he saw one topic doesn’t mean I wouldn’t take a rhetorical baseball bat to someone’s head over him.

I know John wants a change to the system that traps young, poor (mostly black) people in a strange bureaucratic servitude.

I want that too.

Say we can get a statewide decrim, it still leaves the precedent set by stop and frisk out of NY. What we need is a police/citizen tracking system.

A public system that gives a corresponding tracking number for the public and the “evidence” confiscated by Leo. Say 1/8 is decrimed, anything over can still be seized in NY(?), the same would probably go down in St. Louis. With a tracking system, corruption would be harder. The same with cash or property.

Doesn’t have to be made public, but at least council for the accused party should be privy to the tracking of any asset forfeiture.

Am I crazy?

I don’t think so…

I don’t think Mr. Payne is crazy either, just dedicated to a cause, his cause.


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