Something Happened.

Protest sprang up again in St. Louis. This time on the South Side. Near interstate 44 and Kingshighway. It shut down traffic and diverted routes, according to Metro Officials. Not really a big deal on a Sunday night at 8:30 pm. Inconvenient, sure.. But the protestors have the right to grieve. This has been the best and most constructive way I’ve seen their grief expressed, thus far. However, I don’t pretend to understand their grief, I only claim to not understand the reactions to what we’ve all come to label as “sensational coverage”. Charles C Cooke called it the “professional grievance industry“. These protest happened near The Grove, arguably the most progressive part of St. Louis, the city.

Photo Via Twitter and Matt Pearce’s dome


@mattdpearce: I’m fine, FYI!

Good News

The media has beat this horse to death. The protest have increased to an eyebrow-raising level of organization. The rhetoric has been loose and violent (google Bassem Masri). That photo above for me says everything about how the media has come out on the other side of Ferguson. Post-Feeguson, if you will. A bit bruised, bloodied and battered, but smiling. They love it. The community, the region, is still held hostage by fear.

This story for example, a woman shot “accidentally” by her boyfriend who had recently purchased a gun due to the coverage of the upheaval in the area—died, she was in a car with him and accidentally shot herself in the head.. That’s the story anyway. It’s said the gun was purchased out of fear of Ferguson unrest. Could we place the blame on sensationalized reporting? Maybe…

If we do, it certainly makes that photo even more apropos, the self-inflicted wound. Ray Downs first covered the clashes. I miss him. He told it straight. Read his twitter timeline from that August. It’s real, it’s in the moment, even if he is a hippie, Ché-loving-commie. It’s always better to give credit where it’s due, and it’s always due to those who tell the truth. He said it long before Ferguson, here. Of course, he too went on an absurd offensive, before he moved on. We did find common ground at times.

Ray isn’t coming back.. This is something new. A valve of some sorts, to let off the steam of a community. We have what we have.

I love this state, this region. I stand ready to tell the truth, along with many others. I will hold my line… Along with many others.

@JeffSmithMO: I have no words after reading this. // Woman allegedly kills herself with gun bought to prepare for Ferguson unrest

Lastly, I sincerely hope Matt Pearce is okay. I am curt and short with him on twitter, but in reality, he’s my fellow countryman. I wish him well.


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