A Fine Line.

I’m sitting here, with a baby sleeping in my arms, thinking about what’s to come. It’s a cool time to be alive, to communicate with fellow inquiring minds. New ones who stretch you far beyond a comfort zone and old ones, who remind you of who you once thought you were. An old mirror that catches the light in just the right way. Sorry—a classy, regal, beloved old mirror. Both, new and old, help with the uncertainty, the fear of bringing babies into such a fray. A fray we didn’t create or shape. However, a fray that has shaped us. Cynical, sharp elbows and tongues were born out of such an age, by such a fray.

mr. smith goes to washington. you let ’em watch that AND to kill a mockingbird, and they’ll be liberals so fast that yer head’ll spin.-Chicago liberal

Frank Capra. They watch a lot of frank Capra. He directed mr smith, it’s a wonderful life, and arsenic and old lace.-Me.

She was referring to this, a PBS article about old movies.

And she’ll always be one of my favorite liberals, her opinion will always matter. I’ve met plenty.. Nothing wrong with liberals. As I pointed out here.

A Liberal Defense

Commentary on the executive order on immigration, via screenshot.

Liberals are good. They are needed. But in equal measure and balance with the traditional conservatives who also love and recognize the greatness in this nation. Compassionate liberals, and conservatives for that matter, are needed to soften the edge of the sometimes, the over zealous rhetoric and actions by those who want protection of our national security, by “republican right wing nut jobs”, ( see: Walter Sobchack, from The Big Leboswki. He wasn’t wrong, he was just an asshole) aren’t nut jobs, they see the world differently. I dunno.. Maybe this is also a humble defense of those who usually can’t articulate themselves via Social Media. Liberals broadly embrace the actions of Reagan to Lincoln to justify the recent Executive Order issued by the POTUS. Seemingly, unaware that they’ve mocked and degraded what Reagan meant to people, for a decade now (I know, stupid people—I saw Gruber’s video).

Sometimes it’s hard to defend:
My response to the post

Wow.. It would be weird if the current POTUS thought an ex governor of Texas would have any insight into immigration reform. Right?

I mean—I heard that guy who graduated from Yale could barely read. He only got the job because of his dad or something. Elected twice to the same office.. That’s actually expanding it’s powers. Whoa. WHOA! You mean they’re similar!? I have to sit down… My mind is blown. Barrack Obama and George W Bush have similar views on an issue. Well, now I’ve seen every fucking thing.

Does this mean they were elected in the same way? That can’t be!! That doesn’t compute. There’s no way they were elected under the same process. There’s no way they represent the same core principals that define our nation. That couldn’t be.., that’d be completely beyond the realm of possibility.

I’m lost in a sea of contradictions and compromise. Black and white morality, never existed.

That was my response.. To the thinly veiled justification for an executive order, that was hated by the left when republicans did it, but is necessary when democrats do it. I truly am lost, I don’t know which way is up and which way is down.

It’s loved by liberals, for helping an ignored populous and exploited by greedy free-market-anarcho capitalist on the right. Don’t get me wrong, both sides of the elites are elite and wil continue to benefit, if they can. However, will this take jobs away from a dedicated democratic base? Will it effect their money, which motivates people more then you know. This President is walking a fine line. We shall see..

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One thought on “A Fine Line.

  1. Mama Cass says:

    I appreciate your musings, Grant. It has been very frustrating when our democracy can’t work together to take care of our country. You express your self very well. I’m praying your generation does a better job of communicating and addressing the needs of our country.

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