The Dead Horse That Keeps Getting Beaten

Michael Brown was shot on August 9th, sparking community outrage that turned into protest; that turned into rioting; that turned into looting. It’s all been chronicled. A staggering number of op-eds have been published on the matter, along with a countless pieces speculating on the legality of the shooting itself. Frankly, it’s quite tiresome. It’s November 21st..

In the aftermath we saw protest spring up over a shooting in St. Louis city, where a man had a knife. Also a shooting on Shaw, that sparked the same format of protest.

All culminating to what was called Moral Monday.

Cornell West came to St. Louis and was arrested—it was his only reason for coming to St. Louis. The protest also were at St. Louis city hall, with lots of theatrics. That Monday ended at Webster Groves, where the protest came dangerously close to crossing real lines.


They surrounded a building with a setting US senator inside. It was a fundraiser for the the campaign of Steve Stenger, who’s running on the Democratic ticket for St. Louis county executive.

Now, the entire Democratic Party seeks to hang this whole fiasco on Gov. Jay Nixon. Now, more protest are expected. The governor has issued an State of Emergency order. Not under normal SOE circumstances, like weather or terrorist attacks, but under Missouri law 44.480. In the order, it mentions 44.010—which is the standard justification for declaring a state of emergency.


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