The Grove

It’s a neighborhood on the south side of St. Louis. It’s population is probably the most diverse and progressive in the region. I actually love going down to that part of the city, it’s always vibrant and the people are always interesting. Vegans with menacing, thick beards who love hardcore music, but who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Students—studying everything. It’s close to St. Louis University, Webster University, and not far from Washington University. An amazing skate park is hidden inside an overpass. A strong and active LBGT community lives there. Amazing coffee, great food, artists, and culture. It’s a fun place.

MorganFord Skate Park

Photo via The River Front Times

It’s an area that is often at ideological odds with the deep red republican majority of the state legislation.

The diverse and progressive population of The Grove doesn’t care for the evangelicals and the evangelicals don’t particularly care for them, it’s a pithy back and forth of words, but no one seriously fears a band of evangelicals occupying a gas station to protest same-sex marriage.

Last night after the protest in Ferguson had dwindled down, a tweet was sent out.

(Photo via screen shot)

@LisaBrownSTL: To clarify, protesters say they will march to West Florissant, then drive to the Shaw neighborhood in St. Louis. Marching now. #shawshooting

Protestors did as they were instructed. They went to “HashTag: Shaw” which is really Tower Grove/The Grove. To continue protesting. Protesting the “killing of innocent black lives”, is a worthy cause, I’d say. Then these types of reports started coming.

@ChiefSLMPD: Protestors now throwing rocks at the police. Arrests have been made for continued illegal behavior.

St. Louis County police made the same statements.

And that’s when people started arriving at another Quick Trip. The question is simple: Why the quick trip? Actually, it’s not so simple. Who chose a QT and why? Symbolism? A symbol of what?

This is where everyone became baffled, I mean everyone. Here are local Tower Grove residents (solid progressives) and St. Louis journalist discussing what happened:

@STL_PJ: Targeting The Grove? Makes absolutely no sense. Try finding a more diverse, open, and welcoming neighborhood.


@JeffSmithMO: @STL_PJ @valeriehahn Yep. Ironic to see Shaw, TGS/TGE, & the Grove – perhaps the city’s 4 most progressive, integrated nabes – in spotlight.

The notion of less progressive neighborhoods:

@jrosenbaum: @JeffSmithMO @STL_PJ @valeriehahn yeah, that’s probably true. Not sure protesting at the River Des Peres will get much of a response.

@charlesjaco1: @jrosenbaum @JeffSmithMO @STL_PJ @valeriehahn But protesting in Ladue/St. Chas/Crestwood/et al never considered?

(“St. Chas” is short for St. Charles, which is a in completely different county, it has nothing to do with any of the shootings in The St. Louis Metro area. So, I’m scratching my head on that one.)

@STL_PJ: @charlesjaco1 @jrosenbaum @JeffSmithMO @valeriehahn Right. My point. I made conscious decision to live here. To make things better.

You can see the whole thread, in the link place in the first quoted tweet.

It’s clear, the region doesn’t understand how/why the “vibe” changes when the sun goes down. Some have theories, but no definite answers.

How long will the Ferguson Fall Out last? We’re all just going to have to wait and see.


2 thoughts on “The Grove

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