Again, more protest happened again. I read this amazing piece by Noah Rothman —and when I say amazing, I mean it lit a fuse for me. It frames Ferguson in an honest light, no hype just the facts. I made the statement that this piece should be built into a documentary and I absolutely mean those words. I also said this:

@GrantGambling: “Pre-Ferguson” is a term. “Post-Ferguson” is a term. “Ferguson Fallout” *will* be a term. Mark it dude.. @ohiospud @MangyLover @NoahCRothman

This is the Ferguson Fallout.

(photo via Adam)

The gritty details of why my good friend Adam was stuck are here at TheBlaze. Jason Howerton, does a good job of chronicling the events. He like Rothman, pretty much sticks to the facts.

This thread ensued on another social media forum, I primarily operate in the twittershpere. It was mostly locals, living, in South St. Louis City, right around a Grand and 44. Where my very good friend lives, a nice quiet life. Here’s the exchanges:


Who dies?


No ones dying


Just asking


Outside observers:

I forgot you are on the middle of this at both ends too (Ferguson and Shaw!) Praying for you too.

Dude you live down there? OMG be careful Adam!

I was studying at mokabes (a local coffee shop), and this came right out front.


More Locals:

I avoided that area all together. I wont go near Shaw.


I live on the street it happened on


Between Anonymous, but confirmed Locals:

They had both the on and off ramp blocked the past two nights. Freakin crazy…


Yeah I seen that on my way home tonight.


Or should I say last night. It is 3AM LOL

– Dustin

This is what Adam, a photographer, skater, student and mentor chronicled. Adam is not one given to fits of hysteria or hyperbole. He’s lived in the area for his entire life. And this area, Tower Grover for quite some time. He is well versed in the dark side of St. Louis—trust me. He actually passed no judgement, or wasn’t even aware of what was occurring blocks away. The morbid and desperate moral comparison; to shock and grab attention.


In reality, it was people burning their Flag. The Flag that insures their right to burn it. It’s an uncomfortable paradox. It’s their words that bother me. Read them here and hear them here:

@GrantGambling: “Y’all talkin bout ISIS, we talkin bout ISIS here”
-Patrick deHahn


The process is not given it’s just due. Society’s due process. This protest was to shock and scare the local populous. Dare I say terrorize? I do…

I don’t know what happened, maybe this off-duty officer did exceed his duty, but this is from St Louis’s Francis Slay.

@MayorSlay: It will be the first test of the new Force Investigation Unit. #fgs

We shall see, it’s still unfolding. Burning flags and shutting down interstates is where I tend to stop lending an understanding ear. I’m too shocked by the rhetoric, to hear the content. The tactics terrify me.


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