Game 3 and Game 4

It was a good one. No—it was great. Texan John Lackey for the Cardinals against the South Korean Huyn-Jin Ryu, on the mound for the Dodgers. Both pitched well, both pitched really well. Lackey was acquired by the Cardinals specifically for his post-season experience. He gave up one run, after a lead off triple to Yaseal Puig. Who broke his streak of 7 consecutive strike outs.
The hero was Colton Wong, who went yard in the eighth inning, to break up 1-1 the tie, off the LA bullpen. Rosenthal held on for the save and we moved on to game 4.

Where Clayton Kershaw took the mound on short rest against Shelby Miller. Kershaw actually dominated most of the game, but again could not make it out of the seventh. Where his ERA was 135.00—staggering—to say the least. Tonight’s hero was Matt Adams who hit the go ahead home run off of Kershaw in the seventh.

It was a fantastic series, with a worthy, storied foe.

(photo via twitter)

It’s true, the image is true. The point it tries to convey, that is. The Dodgers out spent the a Cardinals by quite a lot. No matter though…

“Done, done and I’m on to the next one.”
Dave Grohl

We await to see how the Nationals and Giants turn out. Such is the nature of October baseball.. Excitement with long lulls of waiting and seeing.


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