Why Fat People in Missouri Are Hungry..

I recently had an exchange with a sociology professor. He directs a center for community outreach. He’s a guy out of Springfield, seemed like a perfectly nice fellow. An article, published a few days before by the SLPD had came out about Missouri being the number one state in hunger. I wrote something here about Missouri also being accused of an obesity problem. An exchange occurred immediately with other people but not him. Then a few day later this professor showed up with this question:

@mikestout_msu: @GrantGambling Why do you think MO has such high rates of both obesity and hunger? Cheap, fast-food? Lack of exercise? Other?

To be frank, I haven’t the foggiest idea why obese people are also hungry. Nor do I have the inclination to scour the data to give a cogent opinion on it. Not without pay.

@GrantGambling: .@mikestout_msu shoe fits, heh? Worry not, professional—I’ll have some thoughts thrown together on the matter soon.

My thoughts are, it’s a non-existent problem. The photo above, via Reuters, is a problem. People being slaughtered. I still am not a troll Mr. Stout. I usually keep my twitter commentary to joking with familiar people and discussing our nations dysfunctional foreign policy and advocating for the men in women who’ll have to fix it—long after we’ve gotten a new POTUS.

Screen Grab

I guess it’s the dishonesty that my time nor, my opinion doesn’t matter that bothers me. He obviously thought it worthy enough to seek my opinions 2 days after the poorly timed article was published. It was released the day the United States began bombing Syria and while McCaskil, a senator from Missouri, was focussing on sexual assault on college campuses. So, I felt it a silly question to be pondering Why are people who are also described as obese, also the hungriest in the country?

So, here’s my thoughts on the whole ridiculous notions for free. It’s a false premises, to promote a narrative without substance. Finally, I told I was unpredictable…


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