Interesting headline from The Daily Caller.

Missouri: Gun Owners Prevail In Veto Override Session

Interesting headline, indeed. Another way of saying it is, Missouri parents are scared to death about sending their kids to schools with armed teachers.

Ever been to “parent pick-up”? Well, it’s where you pick your child up from school. It’s confusing, loud, and chaotic. If you don’t follow the right procedures, the school can—in theory—not give you your child back. Tensions rise quickly. I know, I was screamed at on the first day of school in front of my daughter this year. The principal and teacher both apologized profusely. It was witnessed by dozens, I did nothing wrong, but I digress.

Now—throw an armed teacher refusing to release a child to an armed parent into the mix. This is Missouri, you could conceivably have an armed stand off in a room full of people, over picking up a child.

That veto override had nothing to do with gun ownership. It was the Missouri GOP puffing their chest to prove how “conservative” they are. To make for good stump speeches in future elections.

Because the fact remains with this legislation, once I send my kid to school, where teachers are armed. I will have to ask for my child back from an armed federal/state employee. That sounds like some big government to me. Seems to be the opposite of what the Missouri GOP has built their entire platform on, but hey-have at it.

And you can save the stats on school shootings, a middle ground of having TRAINED armed personnel on campuses exists. Who would be more qualified to protect a school full of kids? A teacher who’s only fired a gun at a range, or a combat vet who has been in a fire fight? Combat vet, obviously. It would also provide some jobs for some vets.

If it’s really about safety, as a parent, I’d rather have the former soldier defending and the teacher teaching, our teachers have enough on their plate without being required to be proficient with fire arms. At the same time, a teachers love of firearms, does not make them qualified to know when to use deadly force. Not to mention—the possibility of a kid, who wouldn’t normally have access to a gun, getting this hypothetical gun away from the teacher. A school shooting occurs, and it’s the fault of this legislation. All hypothetical, but all firmly within the realm of possibility. This is all of course, up to your local school board to decide. This will be a story worth watching.


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