I Still Haven’t Forgotten.

I was in Tennessee, by way of a baseball scholarship. I was more of a baseball player, than a scholar. English Comp 101, the second week of class. It was a long class, so we got a break. On that break, I stepped into the hall to use the restroom. I saw about 15 people standing around a small TV mounted on the wall at the end of the hallway. I walked over to see what all these people were looking at. I could see it was a building on fire, from far away and on such a small screen. I got to the back of the crowd and inquired, as to what was happening. “Don’t know” another student responded, no one looking away from the screen, “a plane hit a building in New York.” Maybe ten seconds passed and then—the second one hit, live on air. The other people standing there and I, all gasped and winced in horror. One girl screamed. It drew the attention of everyone milling around in the hall. The next thing I knew, a hundred people had gathered behind me, all glued to this 19-inch screen mounted on the wall. Students, faculty, and even administration had all stopped to watch what was going on.

No one knew what was to come, how could we?

This short description of how I found out my country had been attacked and 3000 people died, is my way of never forgetting. I don’t think I could, if I tried…


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