Bad Timing

My friend had her second kid. Great News!

I was talking with her, face to face, asking for directions. She waited until I was 20 feet away and almost to the door and yelled at me… I thought she had lost her damn mind!!

As you can see, that quote above is an expansion on what she had experienced.

(Photo via Screen Shot)

I know the woman who made both of those statements. In fact, I said this to an editor:

Hmmm… She’s not known to be a liar. In fact that individual is typically thought of as the opposite of a liar.

This is a mother nursing her kid. And made to feel ashamed by a member of the community that is sworn to protect and serve. All that’s nuanced I suppose.


What happen to professionalism? She’s (the law enforcement officer) entitled to her opinion, but fucking come on—honor the badge you wear. Doesn’t seem like a lot to ask.

Totally out of line on a personal level (I don’t think anyone should randomly commentate on a woman nursing), but especially from law enforcement. And especially after they’ve had a microscope shoved up their ass, for being over bearing and aggressive. This just reinforces that narrative.

Just stupid. I know they’re job is hard, but that seems like even more of a reason to not commentate on a women’s choice to feed her child, in the most natural way—literally— possible.

It’s hard to defend poor manners, and I always try to be fair the law enforcement community. Maybe she was having a bad day. Who knows?


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