Wow.. Nudes.

Let me be perfectly clear, I do not give a crap about distracting nonsensical static. Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence had some less than flattering photos of her made public. Logically, if one wants to find gossip based smut, they check Perez Hilton’s website. I think he still has the photos up. The only value to this story is a lesson for young girls: don’t take nudes on digital devices, they can be leaked. Other than that, it’s a conspicuously out of place story amid swirling world events. It shouldn’t be trending. But it is…


Here’s some logic on the subject.

@Matthops82: Nudes can’t be leaked if you aren’t taking them. #CaptObvious

What else can I tell my daughters about this? Don’t do it. This is a possibility. Some people don’t care about rules or decency.


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