What a Deal

(Reported to be a 14 year old Yedzidi girl, she hopefully was not sold as a commodity or a spoil of war. Photo via Metrograph.)

I read an article in L’Orient Le Jour. A French publication, it is sad to say but the French have shown more courage in covering ISIS than their American counterparts. I know the general American public is recently seeing the shocking examples of ISIS’ brutality, but the French news media has covered it for quite sometime now. One French writer suggested having the influx of Muslim immigrants has forced France to address radical Islam, maybe she’s right. Here’s another link reported even earlier in France.

Dozens of women yazidies captured in Iraq by the Islamic State (EI, former Daech ) were forced to convert to Islam and then ” sold ” to be married off to Syria fighters jihadist group , reports a NGOs.

-L’Orient Le Jour

These reports are little more reliable as international groups are now reporting and monitoring the claims coming out of the region.

The [IS] (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), which strikes terror in the territories it controls in Iraq and Syria, ” divided between his fighters 300 girls and women in the community yazidie who had been abducted in Iraq in recent weeks,” according to the Observatory Syrian rights rights ( OSDH ) . ” Of these 300 women , at least 27 were ‘ sold and married ‘ to members of the IU in the northern provinces of Aleppo and Raqa and that of Hasakah (northeast) ,” according to the NGO has a wide network of civilian sources , medical and military in Syria.
“Each woman was sold against the amount of $1,000, after being converted to Islam,” she says .

Yazidis are a Kurdish-speaking non-Muslim community under attack in northern Iraq by the EI which launched beginning June 1st major offensive in Iraq.

-L’Orient Le Jour

Honestly, the reports of the amount that was paid for women/girls have varied–what is not disputed is human beings are being sold like live stock. I’m not sure what else can be said to convince people of the evil that has sprang out of an unstable region.

Either way, $150 or $1000–what a deal. A good deal for jihadis and a terrible deal for innocent women. What. A. Deal.


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