The Internet…

The internet can be a weird place, you find all sorts of things. I found this photo below at Red Flag News. Technically, I found it on a Facebook post shared by a friend of mine, but the photo-for me-originates from Red Flag News.

I cropped the faces out and flipped it to black and white. I originally found the copy in color.

I don’t know if the photo is real, it seemed authentic. If the shirt was purchased, that alone is disgusting. The fact that people are still finding ways to profit from what started August 9th, 2014 is bothersome and at times disturbing. It takes away from all the hard work being done by people who care about the community. It’s distracting. If it is photoshopped to make a political point, that’s pathetic and somewhat infuriating, but such is the nature and burden of free speech.

What’s also, and more so, pathetic is that the elements who would agree with the sentiments on that shirt, probably hash tagged: “bring back our girls” and railed against Boko haram, who also declared itself a caliphate. So–this is probably just uninformed, woefully uninformed, individuals who thought they had a great idea for a t-shirt, or a doctored photo.

To the guy in the t-shirt or whomever made a photo look like this guy was wearing that t-shit: ISIS hates you, they’ve said it.

You like BBQ, beer, and the right to speak out against your government? Well–all offenses punishable by death in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Also an offense punishable by death? Not being a Muslim. These are facts, not “wild speculation”. Watch ISIS’ stupid videos. They hate you and your t-shirt. I won’t share their stupid videos, go find them on your own. I won’t carry ISIS’ water for them. That’s what you do when you share their propaganda. So, try not too.

The Larger Point
To say, or imply, that the Ferguson police department-or any police department-is like ISIS is ridiculous. It is preposterous intellectual dishonesty and comes across as uniformed people being opportunist, to further an agenda by comparing law enforcement to ISIS. Well, on that assertion, I’ll speak plainly–that’s utterly stupid.


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