So… It Finally Happened.

Wow… The Daily Show fans are rabid and fierce in the protection of their ideologue (That’s totally something that would be said on the The Daily Show). The topic? Ferguson and how 2 sides see it very differently, but like with the story as a whole, it quickly gets off topic. A Mediaite post sparked a quick and heated defense, over Mediatie’s coverage of this young up start, Buchman Sexton–yes, that’s his real name, but I digress. This ramble is about the irrational reaction to the post. It’s been said, “never read the comments”, but these writings are about the comments.

Giving Stewart, because he does do his job well, a fair shake, it’s his job to be funny. It’s really hard to be funny about Ferguson. Stewart opted to be impassioned and step out from behind the jokes. Being lectured by a comedian, doesn’t seem to sit well with some folks. He also discussed ISIS. He did say they were bad people, so–there’s that. He certainly seems bitter about the US going into Iraq in the first place, in 2003. So am I, to some degree. Stewart’s a funny guy, plain and simple. Not that he has a tough job, but that was a hard task, to make tough stories like Ferguson and ISIS, funny.

(Photo via screen shot. That’s the most blatantly blind defense of Stewart.)
It should be said, most of the people had no idea he was, but were still very upset with Sexton. I cropped that individuals name out intentionally.

That post’s comment thread had a wide range of opinions and criticisms, a pretty lopsided “social media” (there is nothing social about it) discussion. I spoke to an individual who said she had worked for the Blaze, Sexton’s employer. That was his only real notoriety among these very dedicated Jon Stewart fans, they just knew Sexton worked for the Blaze.

Grant I had the displeasure of spending one year of my life working for the Blaze being told that “news is news”, but I caught them in many fabricated stories and when I brought it to the “editor”, it was blatantly ignored or I was told they were getting thousands of hits and didn’t care. This has nothing to do with Stewart, he’s sane, it has to do with the fact that whenever something goes viral, they’re on it, right or wrong, true or fake. Lest us not forget GB is being sued by the “Money man behind the Boston Marathon bombing.” Only he was not the money man behind the Boston Marathon bombing.

Ms. Lotto–I’ve had my own criticism of the Blaze. They are not perfect, but they are not alone in what you’ve described. All are guilty of indulging in “click bait”. I heard the “Boston bombers” Aunt accuse Sexton, on air, of recruiting her nephews. So, they have their own baseless attacks to navigate.

That being said–I’m sure it will make great television when Sexton and Stewart do sit down. Remember, Sexton is not Tucker Carlson. That’s what’s happening here, a huge chunk of the population have one impression of Stewart. The impression of “sticking it to the man” and epically taking down Tucker Carlson. Watch the YouTube clip linked above.

That’s what the next move is in these types of media “beefs”. The two parties find a place to discuss their differences, that’s how Stewart was able to ambush the neo-con in a bow tie. Like I stated before, Sexton is not Carlson. Their will be no ambush. It will be incredibly hard for Stewart to put Sexton “on his heels”. I wouldn’t say Stewart is scared-I’d say most of the media is scared to bring Sexton on their show, and apply the same formula of asking their guest uncomfortable questions. I doubt they could shake him, frankly.

Here was the best one of the night, St. Louis’s own Mark Bland decided to crack wise. I won’t crop his name out.

(Photo via screen grab.)
There’s a few reasons why that is troubling.

First, since Bland works in media, specifically radio, you’d think he’d know the name of the individual who’s filled in for the 3 largest radio audiences in the country. Reaching an estimated 40 million people, with the combined audiences. Not to mention his own 2-hour program Monday-Friday. But alas, he claimed to be unaware of Sexton. Secondly, I don’t believe that he is unaware of him, making that cheeky question was a bad joke at best or a disingenuous question at worst. Troubling coming from a “progressive” voice in the Midwest.

I still haven’t watched Stewart’s clip or Sexton’s on air reaction. I’m just very familiar with both shows, I’ve been a listener and viewer of both, since both started. This rant, is about how people blindly jumped to the defense of Stewart, something which he, himself, mocks openly. There were no raging, dedicated, Sexton fans there, just me–a fan of both individuals over all body of work. Looking at it fairly.

It’s just for me, personally, I don’t form my opinion based on a 22 minute show that comes on four nights a week. Like Adam Prenger said:

Almost all of you are so ignorant, stop getting your news from comedy networks.

I do admire how Stewart openly mocks his own audience for relying on his 22 minute show, that runs four nights a week, for all their political information and opinion forming. That’s my favorite part about him, he despises his own audience and they’ve never noticed. That’s true brilliance…
Watching both men’s career, Sexton has a certain level of brilliance all his own, displayed clearly in his quick rise to the top of the media game.

The larger question I take away from this is; can these kinds of differences be reconciled in our country? One of those things where only time will tell.


3 thoughts on “So… It Finally Happened.

  1. Adam Prenger says:

    Thanks for the shout out. FYI, I use that comment a lot and the joke behind it is; when I say “Networks” I mean Comedy Central and MSNBC.

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