Clean Play

The River Front Times requested the juvenile records of Darren Wilson tonight. A move they were forced to make, it was a natural reaction to this:

@RayDowns: … RT @AdamSerwer St. Louis Post-Dispatch seeking Brown juvenile records …

@RayDowns: “…as we seek to report facts and not rely on innuendo or speculation.”

(Picture via Natalie Peppers)

Downs tweeted that out this afternoon about the SLPD requesting the juvenile records of Michael Brown. It seemed to catch some off guard. Not me, I had seen a certain infamous journalist who had gained infamy during the Mississippi Republican primary, discussing having the records released. He started a go fund me to have Michael Brown’s juvenile records released. I had seen this, because I am one to frequent Twitter and I honestly thought it would go away. Alas, it hasn’t. I was told by a wise old tweeter to avoid this “clown show”. It seems it’s become unavoidable. It’s that brand of journalism that has forced the hand of my local journalist. I sincerely hope, they remain objective in their coverage.

The Clown Show gained it’s infamy during the Mississippi Republican primary. He offered money for photos of a women in a nursing home. It seemed Rovian. Dirty politics justified as fair play. So, I don’t blame either the SLPD or The RFT.

I see both, The RTF and The SLPD as making clean plays, based on the table that has been set, by media figures who do not care about the regional community. Both credible publications had their hands forced in the matter. Hopefully, they remain striving to remain objective. I think they will.

Many giant shadows of the egos of “journalist” have been cast over the memory of Mike Brown. Further muddying the waters on this story. It’s a large task for the local media to keep the discussion on point and moving forward. Unfortunately they’ve been sucked back into distractions and derision.

It’s probably still only going to get uglier. My prayers, my hopes-are our regional community finds a way to move past these painful revelations to come.


Michael Brown’s records were released today, as speculated, he had no felonies on his record. I’m very interested in seeing how much money Chuck Johnson actually raised to have those records released, if his operation is on the up and up. Some young, intrepid journalist will check into the matter, I have faith.


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