So, not a lot of good news these days, but I happened across a great story from The Blaze. Four decent, probably very smart, men developed a nail polish that detects date-rape drugs. That’s amazing. Truly, it is. According to Business Journal, Undercover Colors, is still developing the product, but have quite a few investors. It’s quite exciting.

“We are early in the R&D stage for this important product,” says Tyler Confrey-Maloney, spokesperson for Undercover Colors, declining to provide further comment.
Business Journal

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I’m 6’3, 190lbs–so, the thought of being dominated and violated by another human had never entered my mind. That is, until the doctor handed me my first daughter. That’s when those thoughts first cross the mind of most men. In my mind, the physical vulnerability of women, visa vie sheer size, is the best single argument for the second amendment. This ingenious advance in science is another weapon for women to protect themselves with–let’s face it–guns and booze aren’t a good idea. I certainly wouldn’t recommend my daughters are strapped at their first college kegger, but I won’t condemn it either. To be honest–I’d hope they’d skip the kegger altogether, but as I’ve been told by other fathers, “that’s a pipe dream”.

I’ll continue to teach them to not be afraid of the opposite sex, but be aware of their surroundings. I’ll teach them to recognize and value character in the partner they seek. Don’t take a drink because it’s offered to you. It’s okay to say no. Sure you might hurt their feelings, but they’ll get over it. I’ve been told I have no idea what I’m in for, and looking back on my sisters younger years, that’s probably true. But I won’t shirk my duties, no matter how difficult they may become.

My only constructive note to the young minds developing this defensive weapon against sexual assault: make a clear/translucent version. So, girls can put it on top of the color they choose. One thing I’ve learned from spending all day around 3 girls, they are particular about colors. Having a “clear” option completely negates the excuse of not applying the nail polish because “it doesn’t match my out fit”.

From the bottom of my heart Undercover Color, thank you. You are my heroes.


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