Fragile Faith In The System.

Today, Governor “Jay” Nixon of Missouri spoke on CNN’s State of The Union with Candy Crowley. No–I did not enable my Java Script to watch the clip, in the article by Mediaite. I watched Twitter. Here Crowley says what Nixon wouldn’t outright say. Some call that putting words in his mouth. Semantics, I suppose. What Nixon did say was long and avoided making a clear declaration. Can’t say that I blame him.

(Screen Shot via Mediaite)

You can see clearly, he acknowledges that McCulloch has experience. He puts his faith in our system of government, which has it’s own problems, given that most of those upset about Brown being shot do not have faith in the system. In fact, some go so far as to say the system is rigged against those who share the same skin pigmentation of Michael Brown. To find that proof, spend 15 minutes thumbing through “Hash Tag: Ferguson”. The verdict according to the “140 Mob” is guilty.

This has devolved into a despicable circus. Most of you wouldn’t know that because the national media has left. Although, Al Jazeer was interviewing people at an organic farm in Ferguson yesterday. My friend who works there didn’t wanna be on camera and wouldn’t want to be quoted here, either. However, he said they were asking how people felt about Brown being shot.

Also, occurring yesterday–this little gem of a tweet. A local Fox 2 personality, Charles Jaco, felt the need to share where a “Pro Darren Wilson” rally was being held. Which, is understandable for someone covering the news. What doesn’t seem pertinent information is how many “white City cops” live in the area. In fact, it seems dangerous.

Here’s the screen shot.


I know–screen shots are low brow, but some of my links of the coverage have been diverted to faux links. Screen shots are now a necessity

We are after all, dealing with “King makers” here, as Charley Dooley once said about the often silent, power elite in St. Louis. Which reminds me–how has Dooley escaped any blame, having the longest tenure of all the elected officials involved? I suppose it doesn’t matter, now that he’s on his way out. So, we’ll hang this on the governor and refocus our attention on “white backlash”. It’ll sell publications and clicks… Take a bow a St. Louis media, business is booming.

Just a reminder, the people pay for the prosecution of any murder investigation and trial. The state does, visa vie taxes, it has far more funds at it’s disposal than Darren Wilson does for his own defense. So, you can choose to label people contributing to his defense fund as “racist”, but you look foolish, especially libertarians.


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