Funny that Russia doesn’t allow gay marraige, advertising, and “propaganda”, but allows ISIS to operate, spreading propaganda, on Russian servers. It’s almost the opposite of the US. Not almost, it is. You can see here.

Russians are flying over US (continental) airspace with bombers. Although, Russia strongly denies this. Yet, they brag about ousting a presumed US sub. They deny and presume via the same publication, Russia Behind The Lines.

(Photo via the United States Navy)

We are having mid-air tensions with the Chinese. Who wanna build a new canal in Latin America. Why would anyone allow the Chinese into their country for any kind of construction? Look at their ecological record in Africa, it’s atrocious. New York Times, sugar coats it here.

Both these nations pose a far greater threat to the US than ISIS ever could. Strategic airstrikes against Euro-Wahabbi trash is one thing, open conflict with 2 permanent members of the UN Security Council, is an entirely different matter.

“It only takes one side to start a war”


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