So–it’s an attack on an American citizen and it involves a YouTube video. No. It’s not about Benghazi. However, it is being called “terrorism”.

James Foley
By now, most of the world has seen or heard about the horrific video of American Journalist James Foley being beheaded by ISIS or IS (Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham). The White House called it a “terrorist attack”. Which, I’m not disagreeing with–it’s deplorable and intended to create fear in people. Which is the very definition of “terrorism”. Unspeakable acts justified, to promote a radical agenda.

To many Americans, including me, an attack on an American diplomatic instillation is an act of out right war, not just terrorism. Which, is what occurred on September 11th, 2012. It’s been a divisive topic, ever since. Not because one group of people justify the storming of an embassy and another doesn’t, but because the WH administration: lied, stonewalled, and spun the story. And then lampooned national outrage as “islamiphobic fear mongering”.

Now, almost 2 years later, we see reports of “unidentified fighter jets” striking Libya. So, apparently it wasn’t organic outrage over a YouTube video that caused a mob to sack a U.S. Embassy, it is something more coordinated in Libya. Something requiring the use of superior air power.

Now, as our nation mourns the loss of, what many have said was, a great journalist. Which, unfortunately are in short supply these days, making the loss of Foley, that much more somber. We are forced to revisit the divisive topic of the term “terrorism” and how they relates to You Tube videos. How “PC” culture has made us vulnerable. That’s the knee jerk reaction, I’m seeing unfold on social media right now. An angry right, outraged at the dangerous and hypocritical convenience with which the WH administration uses the term “terrorism”. A defensive left, who wants to double-down on the notion of terrorism in Benghazi being a “Wacko-bird conspiracy theory” and was just a protest that got out of hand. Still to this day, people cry out “what does it matter”. It matters… To our enemies mostly.

Sounds familiar, sounds like the same justifications for the actions of outsiders in Ferguson. By the same media figures. It feels formulaic at this point. Those in Ferguson want to compare it to Tahir, which was hi-hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood and was eventually put down by the military. I don’t know why they’d want to compare what happened on foreign soil to what happened on American soil, but they insist. So, I’ll oblige them in the comparisons, when I see them.

It feels like these wounds are reopened daily, almost intentionally, to keep the derision going, to keep people divided. Sad state of affairs. My prayers go out to the Family of James Foley, who after having witness their son’s beheading, are now receiving emails from ISIS. they aren’t to apologize, either.

Although, IS is stepping up it’s game to varsity level, we still must be careful and use restraint with the term “terrorism”, we don’t wanna hurt people’s feelings. So–use it cautiously.


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