What South Park Taught Us.

I see my socially liberal friends on the defensive and I don’t like it. These are the folks who teach kids and run after school programs, good people. They get lumped in with extremist who want conflict with the police, a police force who seems pretty content with obliging these outside provocateurs. That’s between the police and the provocateurs.

Above: a note from a friend abroad using compassion and diplomacy to build American credibility, not bombs.

I awoke this morning to multiple social media post, where people had to clarify they weren’t against Law Enforcement. Knowing those individuals as people, I can’t imagine what had been said to them to prompt them to make such a clarification. However, I know the feeling, being some one who tends to be more conservative, I’ve been lumped in with “Right wing nut jobs”. It’s not fun, but I’ve never felt the need to clarify that I’m not against citizens exercising their rights.

So, I write today in defense of those “bleeding heart liberals”, who always want to help people in need. Their compassion compels them to do so.

Being that the story in Ferguson now suffers from over saturation, I’ll use some levity in this moment. I use South Park and their wisdom laid out in season 7 episode 1. You can watch it for free, please do so and laugh. As a nation, we need both the liberals and conservatives, acting in equal measure as a counterbalance.

Because right now, conservatives feel their compassion compels them to intervene in Iraq and Syria, frankly it’s gotten seriously out of hand. The worst of the clashes in Ferguson seem to be behind us and “moving forward” seems to be the order of the day. We have a lot facing us as a nation right now, these are tense times.

This is not analysis, but a suggestion for everyone. Relax… Especially my socially conservative friends. Save the rage for those who deserve it, don’t confuse someone’s compassion with a hatred for law enforcement. It helps no one.


One thought on “What South Park Taught Us.

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